Just So You Know

I was telling you guys about my signature on the bit , as well we have numerous other products in the pipe line , and they will also be signature  items.

  Having my name on something really doesn’t  concern me in the least , I guess it’s a nice thing, and perhaps I should find some satisfaction in it , but having spent my life working , and struggling , as all of us have , for me it just isn’t a big deal , for me what is a big deal , is being able to sift through all the stuff that is thrown at us on a daily basis , and see what is what , and in my case , being able to produce or present something that honestly works is far more important , as well as trying to get it at a decent price, that’s the tough one , I realize most of you are hobby guys , so like the bit , 50.00 and change is a lot. In my world where things get  worked hard and constant , its different , I have to go with the  better , more expensive products , otherwise they don’t hold up . The other side of the scale  for me ,is  I have to use the same products you have available ,  because other wise , the next step up is huge industrial , not a lot in the middle , so I learn what works and what don’t ,  its like finish products , they are worlds apart , to be honest most are garbage , simply put , like the plywood I was talking about yesterday , and I hear folks complaining about the price of the good stuff  , unfortunately it isn’t like eating a hamburger instead of a steak , where they are both good , in most cases  things like finishes, glues , bits, blades , hand saws for dovetails, these are things that compromise can be the difference in success and failure , if a spray gun will spray a nice pattern, atomize the product well , it will do ,  but if what you are spraying wont dry , is watered down ,garbage , well you get the point.

 When I tell you we have some products in the pipeline , here is what we have done , in some cases we have things being made for us specifically to my specifications , some are , skip all the useless bells and whistles , give me something that is made right , works , will hold up , all the fluff has to go , why pay for something , that you will never use ,.

 The reason I am telling you all of this , is when we release a product or tool, it’s not because we want in the tool , or product business , it’s because it cures a problem, that has either been poorly addressed , or avoided , that’s all , and in most cases , like the bit , no one wants to change anything,  even if they know it’s better , just want to do the same thing over and over again ,  or make something out of plastic that should be steel, and not to mention the mark up on some of this stuff , OH MY , I guess what im trying to say is , someone has to step up to the plate , I just didn’t know it would be me , I have told you before, I’m just a woodworker , all this video , internet stuff , found me , I didn’t go looking for it,  my goal was, is and will remain , to simplify this woodworking , finishing thing ,  and to help folks enjoy it, and be successful doing it … and that’s all there is to it ,  so as far as my name on something , or my picture in some book  , the only part of it that gets me excited , is it gives me the ability to get to the powers that be , to get things fixed and done .

An example is my taper jig , we have had a lot of emails , asking if we are going to make them again, we have done all the plans and so forth and put it out for free , BUT , if we do them , we can get the material in quantity , as well as have the hold downs made , and probably make it for what  most would spend in material , and we don’t have to do fancy packaging and all that , just a simple jig that works ,works super well and is safe … so are we going to do it , not sure you tell me …( guessing in the 100.00 range) and yea I guess it would be a signature thing , because to sign it would not be hard , after all im the one who actually physically makes them.. every singe one ..

 so now you know , I’m just like you , I work for a living … lets keep it simple

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2 Responses to Just So You Know

  1. docnewt says:

    Been to Atlanta so just able to answer now. I visited several wood tool stores and it really erks the hell out of me to see your router fluting jigs, taper jig, and other ideas that you produced and postede free of charge on the internet now being sold as their ideas and they probably have patents on them. Your should never worry about your name on a product it makes all of your disciples proud. All the products you demonstate for Woodcraft lets us know if it is value to us even we may never see you use them in your show, DVDs or youtube. Juat keep on keeping on we all are learn so much. We are ergerly awaiting the bit and the Colors DVDs. I was able to connect Mike Wilson and the widow so now he has a Sawstop. Both happy all due to your site helping folks connect. Have a good week. Woodcraft didn’t have the rags yet. That didn’t stop me from a frutful buying trip. docnewt

  2. Great Dane says:

    Got my Custom Moulding Bit and DVD yesterday … WOW!

    This is one terrific bit, and your explanation on using it is chock-full of great information.

    I did a few test cuts last night, and I can sure see why you like this thing.

    I really got my money’s worth … but of course, I can truthfully say that about everything I have ordered from you.


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