Filming, filming and more filming

well we have a webisode to get up tomorrow night , and I am just now getting it completed,  that’s pushing it , the girls are complaining, it has to be edited and uploaded, the upload takes about 5 hours for one hour of video , then its right back to another webisode , takes a lot of time to get them done , doesn’t seem it but you can spend 5 or 8 hours to get  a 1 hour show, but the nice thing is , what you see doesn’t have all the repetitive stuff , I mean who wants to watch glue dry , or watch someone tighten clamps , after the first few , you get the point , but them clamps have to get put on, then there is the material processing , watching wood go thru a planer or sander, well you get the point , but it has to be done .

    The router bits are shipping , I am so pleased, Whiteside had me sign a piece of paper and fax it to them , they then laser signed the shafts of all the bits , it looks like I did it with an ink pen , they were pleased as this is first time they had tried it , it really worked well, don’t know that any one care’s, but it was fun to see it happen .

well its lunch time , so here I am, talking with you, nothing big and exciting , just working and whittling wood , well almost , the core for the show lowboy is made from MDF , not one of my favorite materials, I love it for jigs and stuff , but other wise , well , I prefer the real deal , but is it me or does MDF  dull your bits and blades more so than even hard wood .

Speaking of the real deal , Ed built a big 4 ft wide X 8 ft tall book-case thing out of cherry plywood, any way , for what ever reason he didn’t notice that  the grain on the side was  leaning way to the right , meaning the veneer had been glued on crooked  , well when he stained it , it looked horrible , ( this was at his full-time job), so his boss and he were freaking out , looked like it would be “destruction time “, so they ask me if  I had any suggestions , thought about it for a bit , and decided to get a sheet of 1/4 cherry faced plywood , we cut it to size , then ran it thru the drum sander , sanding the back side way down to create a heavy veneer , sanded the original side well, added a 3/16 piece to the face frame , then glued the veneer over the side , used some MDF as a caul , and clamped it  down,  it came out perfect , we had about a 1/16 proud face frame , so I put some heavy tape on the plywood, and using a spiral flush trim , ran down the side , flushed it up , a little quick sanding , and it was good as new, luckily the side  extended in to a room and we had the room to do the add-on , but when it was finished, no one will know , but after looking at the cost of the plywood , it would have been about the same , and in this case a lot cheaper to have done a solid wood side , and now days with the tissue thin veneers, I’m still not convinced that plywood saves anything , noted exception to internal partitions and shelves and so forth , but even then , having to  edge all the stuff , and trying to get a decent finish , I am  still not convinced , some of this stuff you can actually see the glue under the veneer , and as i recall the 1/4 inch piece was about 60 .00 and change … I will stick with the real deal … especially for furniture .. just me I guess,

well the sandwich is gone , and so are the chips, so guess its back at it , later y’all

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3 Responses to Filming, filming and more filming

  1. Rob says:

    I think that is pretty cool having your signature on the router bit looking forward to using it, not many people can say they have their signature on their designed router bit may be a collectors piece some day. I’m with you on the plywood even the stuff from canada is getting thin I try not using oak unless I’going to fill th grain it seems rhinner than tissue paper. You always have a way out of every situation i seems and willing to share it and I thank you.

  2. Monte West says:

    Good morning:
    I bet you have not been able to touch the floor when you saw your name on the router bit. You must be floating on air. I am guessing we will see a picture of the bit tonight on the show. I hope the Lady of your home has got you straight. I know what a great feeling I had when I saw my name on a booklet that went out to the public. Good going Charles.

  3. Rob, having had numerous employees over the years , as well as my own mistakes , you do learn to think of , and figure out ways of recovery , I can usually get it fixed .

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