Back at it

Got back yesterday from WV , good to be home , at least for a short time,  we have a lot of shipping to get done , as well as get some of the low boy webisodes wrapped up , and  of course projects in the works , looks like we have a plate full , thus is life , again better to wonder how ya gonna get it all done , than to worry about what you gonna do!

When I was at Woodcraft , I used the new porter cable low profile sander ,   I had to do a final rub on the Mahogany table , so they had one in their shop , now as most of you know I have air powered sanders , I always found the electric ones too bulky , and the taller ones were very hard to control , as well they were very  fatiguing  to the hand and wrist , and they were usually underpowered , I just happened to grab this one , I was pleasantly surprised , it had great power , the low profile was comfortable , and the vacuum port on the back ( 1″ and 1 1/2″) , made for very nice dust collection , but the big thing I  liked was the  was , what appeared to me to be a better confined stroke, which gives a better surface , ( avoids those fish-hook shaped scratches),  it really performed well , so well in fact,I bought one, I no more get in the shop door , and Ed comes by and says “What did ya get that thing for , I hate electric sanders “,  I explained , he wasn’t so sure , so off he goes , gets a board , some sandpaper , and tries it out , geez , I couldn’t even be the first one to use the new tool , but oh well , he then changes his tune , ” man this thing is different “,  then he has to get the air powered one to compare ,  then says . ” well it isn’t as small as the air one, but it sure is aggressive, leaves a nice surface , I like the dust collection too”,  ” this is pretty nice”, now those of you who have met Ed know , he is the biggest skeptic there is , and isn’t prone to find anything , that their isn’t some issue with , so for Ed to say this , is pretty impressive , he is working on some cabinets at his full-time job this morning , and my sander is missing,  guess that’s enough said about the sander . Oh yea , we had the same conversation about the rags , I now notice a box of them is opened , and seems lighter than before … I am sure i will hear about them as well ..

Well guess I best get to the getting , have a good weekend all


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2 Responses to Back at it

  1. John Mc Dwyer says:

    I am stopping by i need a few things for my shop too.
    maybe a saw stop or something . I will be sure to report to everyone what i think of it . 🙂
    Hey get busy 🙂

  2. Monte West says:

    I sure wish I lived close so I could test drive all your new tools and if I like them I could borrow them. You are such a nice guy.
    Maybe you will post a new blog Wednesday.

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