Super Busy for a While

We have been going pretty hard , and this blog , or lack there of is a result , We are presently in Parkersburg WV , at Woodcraft HQ, wrapping up the photo shoot of the mahogany table we did for the magazine , and also filmed some clips and been checking out some new products and tools , will be telling you more about it later , of all the things , they have a new “rag”, I’m not kidding , it flat-out beats the beloved old T Shirt stuff we have come to love , especially for finishing , super absorbent , and soft , its like a fine woven cheese cloth , I know what you are thinking , all the stuff Woodcraft has , and you get excited about a box of rags , well if you have ever tried to buff out or wax a piece , and it is always streaking and smearing , it’s a royal pain , these definitely look like the answer , now I have to be honest , I got a little “tickled”, kept thinking of the SHAM WOW commercial , but man oh man, I poured some coffee on my gloss finished mahogany table, threw the rag on it and it absorbed it almost instantly , then I buffed the table with it .
Tomorrow I will need to do a final buff and wax on the table , BECAUSE , its streaky looking , that’s because it’s a precat solvent based lacquer , it has about 4 heavy coats , and it had not fully cured , when this is the case , with any finish , especially oils and solvent based , you get streaking and smearing , when rubbing out and waxing, the reason is , waxes contain solvents to soften the wax, and the finish ,not being cured , is still emitting solvent , the solvent prevents the wax from drying thoroughly , thus the streaking , water base finishes are far more friendlier to a rubbed finish , as they lack the solvent and cure out faster , this table has been finished about 8 days now , and it has settled down and the finish is close to being cured, so hopefully tomorrow a final buff out and wax and it will be like a mirror , actually already is, but it is a little cloudy, a final polish will cure that .

The main point here is that a finish has to be cured to get a super nice rub out , and something a simple as the cloth you use can make a difference , sounds crazy , but again its one of those little things that can make a big difference ,

 Tomorrow its back to the table and more photos , I will keep you posted as to when the article will run, yo might want to take a look , later ya’ll

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4 Responses to Super Busy for a While

  1. wayne carson says:

    charles on the Bombe lower case sides could it bemade of poplar and stained like the quilt rack. Wher do you find lumber 12/4 x 24″ wide could it be built up of 12/4 narrower.

  2. wayne carson says:

    Charles this is just for information. If you were building the Bombe Highboy for someone and not having to dink around talking and photos you know “normal work” how long would it take from start to finish now that you have built a few and how long did the first one take you.

  3. Thomas Tieffenbacher says:

    Problem and solution all together?

    Good to see your back on the blog, and ain’t it hard to be doing too many things? On the other hand it is good to be lean in these economic times, and it’s hard to say “no”?

    Looking forward to the finishing videos. 🙂

  4. Wayne, sure you could make the sides from 12/4 poplar , as to where I find it, I hunt alot and it takes alot of calling , I found the mahogany at Hicksville planing Mill , or better put he was able to order it , not sure from where , big volume mills like this , often have sources we dont have , as tot the time thing, i can build one in about 60 hours and another 40 for finishing , sometimes I get 80 hours in the build, it all depends on ,if its the only focus I have at the time , which now days os hard to do , but it takes alot of time getting all the materials together , that is alot easier said than done ..

    Doc, it is good to be busy , I like that , but a little break now and again isnt a bad thing either , but it sure takes alot of work these days to keep the head above water , even living simply

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