Bombe Day 9

Today we started with the task of cleaning up the coopered bonnet edges. We need to get them flush with the case. We used a spoke shave for this task.

I mentioned yesterday that the building of the case carcass went pretty fast, and now the brakes are on. There may not be a lot of visible change to the piece as we add the detail.

Then we went to work getting the interior partitions for the inside of the bonnet to close it off.

We also installed the drawer boxes for our secret hidden drawers and we will also have a hidden compartment in the bonnet well (behind the center finial).

We went to work making and fitting the molding on the upper case which is the transition from the bottom case.

We sanded and prepared the molding pieces we made yesterday and we are ready to install the molding on the upper case sides. Our next task will be to the make the goose neck moldings for the front of the bonnet top. Our goal is to get all of the case work done and then we will move to the drawers.

It seems like we didn’t get a lot done but this is how it goes. The standing of the cases, the face frames makes a big impression because you see a lot of progress quickly, but then when you get into all of these moldings, well, between the making and fitting, the brakes go on as well they should. Taking your time to fit the moldings and insure everything is in good order and making sure that you “PREP WELL”, meaning to sand and prepare underlying surfaces as well as the individual parts for finishing because prepping these after installation is tough.

Day 10 we will install the moldings and see where we evolve from there, Later ya’ll!

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2 Responses to Bombe Day 9

  1. Jeremy Wingo says:

    thanks charles, real nice.

  2. Denis Rezendes says:

    wow thats looking good. i really want to do the bonnet top someday. I’m making a lowboy soon. maybe i can make a highboy as well 🙂

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