Bombe continues …Moldings Day 8

We have had a lot of comments about how fast we are getting this done. Well its brakes on time! Getting the cases up is the easy part, well sort of,  now come the moldings, the fluted columns, etc

The fluted columns were made using a 1/4-inch fluting bit straight on the router table. Since I have a drum sander, we actually cut them deeper than needed doing it in 3 passes to avoid chip out. Having left the material approx 1/8-inch thicker than the 3/8-inch finish thickness (total 1/2-inch), we sanded back to the 3/8-inch. This gives us a nice, clean and crisp flute no side chip out.

The other moldings were made using a multi-form bit. (  We were fortunate the bits fit the orginal profiles perfectly. It took some playing to ensure the moldings “stacked” correctly. The width of the fluted column is 2″, and having it sit atop the moldings to appear as a single piece is the key.

Next we used a rabbet bit with bearing set up to cut 3/16 depth, and then routed out the edges of all the rails and stiles to allow attachment of the beads. It’s chisel the corners, final sand and clean up the rails and stiles, then we can attach the moldings. Next, on to the transition molding  between the cases and the goose neck moldings. These are a bit of a challenge, but we will show you how we do it

Catch Ya Later!

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1 Response to Bombe continues …Moldings Day 8

  1. Mike Wilson says:

    Way to go Frank, looks great. I don’t care what Charles says, I think you’re a pretty good guy.

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