Bombe Continues

As soon as everyone gets in here , we will begin another 3 days on the bombe ,  give me something tangible to blog about , havent been slacking off, actually been wide open, projects and lots of parts, as well as getting th show filmed ahead , and the new DVD, but it’s all in hand , or at least I think so, got the shop about as clean as it gets, so we are ready to rock and roll ,

 Got to tell ya, sometimes as many times as the old brain has to switch gears from one project to the other , seems to be getting harder to do, and I hear a lot more screeching and grinding , the new term of multitasking , seems to fit me pretty well, just never knew what it was called , seems its how it’s always been.

  I was filming the show and noticed I had failed to finish shaping one of the feet on the lowboy , not a big deal, I can do it with the piece standing , done it several times before , but , I could have sworn I had done all four , then I remembered , I was “fixing to do it “, when it was brought to my attention that we had a sound issue on another segment , so I stopped and refilmed the segment , then just went to doing the mortising and tenons , guess it just sort of slipped thru , oh well no big issue .

  Next week we go to Parkersburg WV, to complete the table build for Woodcraft Magazine, so it will be a nice break , looking forward to the get away , guess sometimes ya just got to stop and recharge the batteries .

  ok coffee is finished making, I’m here alone , so gonna get some coffee , and enjoy the quiet for a bit , later  Ya’ll

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2 Responses to Bombe Continues

  1. Lonnie Edwards says:

    Always enjoy your blog and builds. I’ve learned a lot from you and appreciate the encouragement you give to everyone. Congrats on hitting the million mark on YouTube. When we were kids I never dreamed this type of “Dick Tracy” stuff would ever come true and be so commonplace. Thanks for sharing your hard earned knowledge. See ya!

  2. Jeremy Wingo says:

    Charles you do a great jobs and some slip-ups are to be expected, you pull it off with class every time. Glad to hear ya gettin a vacation, well deserved. Love the blog, thanks for takin the time.

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