Spring .. lets hope so , A few tools

It has been in the 50’s and 60’s here for the past several days , what a relief , the snow is melting and  we can now see the ground again, that’s a good thing , hope the rest of you are as fortunate , and taking advantage of the better temperatures to get into the shop .

  I have been super busy making pieces and parts for the various projects, been filming a lot as well on the new DVD , It’s all about color “, and also working on getting the show filmed ahead as we have to be out for a few weeks at the end of  the Month , so not a lot to take pictures of  or show you until I get further ahead .

  Pitt Bull and some of the other guys had been raving about the Oneida Dust deputy http://www.woodcraft.com/Catalog/ProductPage.aspx?prodid=26325

I use my shop vacuum a lot for my router table as well as the shop , and as it seems to give my  vacuum filter a fit , so I went to using the bags , they are expensive , so I got one , man oh man , now I know why folks are raving about them , I filmed a clip for Woodcraft on it,   this thing really does the job ,I was amazed how it seemed to deposit even the fine dust in the bucket , and how it seem’s to increase the suction , this is a winner in my book , you can get just the cyclone and use your own buckets , but in any case it , sure works well .

Not really doing tool reviews here but occasionally something like the dust deputy comes along that really gets my attention , For me , cross cutting large panels has always been an issue , not having a large cross-cut set up , because of space limitations , I usually cut them with a jig saw then a straight edge and a router , and to be honest I usually just used a piece of wood clamped to the board ,  but  Woodcraft had ask me to film a clip on  http://www.woodcraft.com/Catalog/ProductPage.aspx?prodid=28352

I was thinking , yea yea yea , another straight edge , whats new with that , well it was quite impressive , the one shown , is the 8 footer , you can get a  54 or 56 inch one as well , but get the clamps too , the 8 foot one ( two sections) , will go from one corner of a piece of plywood to the other , but for quick set up and squaring panels it was very easy, I love the clamps , it was just easy and impressive, then I found they have a plate guide http://www.woodcraft.com/Catalog/ProductPage.aspx?prodid=24552

so you can attach a router or skill saw to it , so I attached my skill saw , I will honest im not the best with a skill saw , so a guide that locked into the straight edge was appealing , guys it worked super well , again it made enough of an impression on  me I have written about it here, as well as the forum and couple other places , and even showed it in tomorrow nights show , then I got the Freud 60 tooth blade for my skill saw , http://www.woodcraft.com/Catalog/ProductPage.aspx?prodid=28850

now this blade and stuff isn’t cheap , but with the guide , plate and the blade , my big panel or plywood issues came to a screeching halt , now on the forum one of the guys was having an issue with how he could cut dados on some 24″ wide  plywood , my response was this set up , and use some of the undersized plywood router bits , makes sense to me , actually you could set up and two at once , oh well enough about tools, just thought I would let you know about a couple things that actually work well.

Crystal is about to arrive so I guess its time to start filming , will catch ya later guys .

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1 Response to Spring .. lets hope so , A few tools

  1. Thomas Tieffenbacher says:

    Saw the cyclone sepeator…looks like a mini version of the larger ones. It also appears they have improved the lids for catching heavy chips before the dust collector. Bought an earlier version years ago.. Flimsy and no male connectors. Woodcraft appears to have improved on the design.

    As for Spring? Light rain here in Southern MN. melting the snow packs down to where we can see mother earth..oh yeah saw grass!

    People are complaining about the rain! Not heavy but fog and overcast.

    As we say here..”there are two seasons, winter and road repair.”

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