Another Milestone

I realize 1million views is not uncommon on YouTube , but for woodworking and us it seem’s a nice milestone , today we hit our million mark , now this is just our videos , doesn’t include Woodcraft or any others who we have done stuff for , something I find amazing , guess I just never thought it would get this far.  FYI we are averaging about 2500 to 3000 per day now

  I still find it interesting how life’s paths can change , and as well our focus on things, so here we are, a small town woodworker , with a million views , DVD’s , internet show and a lot of other stuff coming out , keep asking myself , “What happened”,  it has been interesting to say the least , we have been praised, chastised , talked up, talked down, lifted on  shoulders , and thrown under the bus , folks don’t like my hair , thats number one , lots of comments about my wig, ( its mine I assure you) , second is wearing cut off sleeves , and work clothes , and third is my accent , which I don’t have , the negative stuff used to bother me, I got over it , don’t pay it much attention any more , unless its someone who insist , then I usually oblige them , the ones that bug me are the “talkers”, those who know everything, but have done nothing , just talk , but it takes all kinds to make a world, and you can’t please all the people all the time, so don’t bother trying .Just a personable observation here !

Again thanks to all who ordered our router bit , and it is in production as we speak , we have had some extras made in case anyone missed out .We have a few others in the works , and we will let you know , again I say , it’s not a money thing, but a problem solving thing , our numbers allow us to be able to have things like this done , and helps us solve issues , that a lot don’t even see as one , there is a big difference in manufactures and woodworkers , a lot of manufactures look at what they want to make , instead of looking to see if it really makes a difference , and often how cheap they can make something , instead of how well, believe me the latter makes a world of difference .

    In the lowboy show we were using spoke shaves , some were 10.00 some were 110.00 , the difference was , simply put one worked , one was frustrating and difficult , if it had been my first experience with a spoke shave , I would have walked away , feeling inadequate in using one , and not realizing it wasnt all me , it was a dull ,badly designed tool , there is a lot of that out there , simply based on cost , every one wants a good deal , and everyone has budgets , I so understand , but sometimes it just doesn’t pay to fly second class , in the case of the spoke shaves , it was too many miles between them, it went from bad , to excellent , and not a lot in between , but will also readily admit I have not searched a lot either . I was happy where I was at .

  I will also tell you that a lot of the manufactures are “rethinking” alot of the cheaper , poor designed tools and coming around to understanding , price is one thing, performance and quality is everything , no matter how cheap , if it doesnt work it was a waste , all of this said to say , be careful how you spend your $ , get what you pay for !

Well Mike Galloway ( mikega) , is en route here from Pennsylvania , he is doing a segmented turning class With Jeff  Fleishers turning group tomorrow , so i am looking forward to seeing Mike again , and if any of you are ever in our neck of the wood’s , give us a shout and stop and say hello .. later ya’ll

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7 Responses to Another Milestone

  1. Thomas Tieffenbacher says:

    Kudos dude! I think your statment to me was…Thomas Jefferson’s quote..”the harder I work the luckier I get.”

  2. It applies Doc , it sure does

  3. Brian Sanders says:

    My 7 and 5 year old daughters can do a pretty good impression of you (your accent)…they say “Hey guys, I’m Charles Neil”. The funny thing is, they love to watch the dvd’s with me.

  4. Brian, now that funny right there , and taken as a compliment , I think

    wait a minute , I don’t have and accent

    • BeachBum says:

      “I don’t have and accent”

      Ha Ha, the heck you don’t!!

      The only ones without an accent are from California…

  5. Brian Sanders says:

    Definitely a compliment. You take your work seriously but you don’t take yourself too seriously and I like that. A lot of other guys out there don’t have that quality and it shows.

  6. Brian Loucks says:

    Charles, Sherri and everyone,
    Thank you for pushing my woodworking and finishing skills to places way out of my (former) comfort zone.
    You are the best… hands down.
    Thanks, Brian

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