Thank all of You

Thanks to all of you , who ordered our bit, like I said in the last Blog , this opens a lot of doors for us , ( us being me and you),  most of  the retailers have one goal, bottom line , how cheap can it be made and how much can we get , that’s  the way it is , and the search for another thing a ma Jig , so they have something new is never-ending , I am a woodworker, I make a living at it , and as well It’s my hobby , as some of you know I have been working on getting my home shop set up , but just like you , it takes time , and it’s not cheap , so its one inch at a time , but even at home I want something that works and is worth my $, So when we are able to come up with something like the router bit , because there are enough of us , we can get it done, without breaking the bank, I am after the tool , I am not a tool retailer , but I will also say we have a couple more things up our sleeves , and simply put the goal is to take difficult problems and solve them , in a simple , affordable manner , the tools I design are to do the job , like the Taper Jig we did , and posted for everyone , so they could make it , why because it works , and is safer than any thing out there, and you can make it.

  I still find it amazing how many of us there are , and that affords us the ability to have a voice , something that has been lacking , so to a degree we can say what we want , instead of what they want to give us .This is a good thing .

  Today I am cutting cabriolet legs for the low boy show , and putting together the material list, those of yu who are wanting to make it you might want to go to  , and simply put in your species and zip code and it will give you some sources , it’s all free , and not just for the lowboy , any wood , will give you some options , hope it helps

ok off to making saw dust

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2 Responses to Thank all of You

  1. Thomas Tieffenbacher says:

    Finding a niche is important. A thought…many jigs and attatchments are the result of someone’s thinking. Would suggest you consider making a more commercial replica of your jig, Some woodworkers would rather buy the ready made tool to make their task easier, while others would rather construct a jig,

    • Mike Wilson says:

      I think Rockler has a taper jig very similar to the one Charles came up with. Don’t know where their idea came from……

      If you’re a woodworker you will be making jigs, just a fact.

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