News Letter Day

between the show, projects and all the snow , we just can’t seem to get back on track, its been crazy , but it’s calmed down a lot now , got our roof fixed, that was a nightmare , all the snow and ice , and we have a flat membrane roof, it basically has a layer of foam insulation with a big rubber sheet over it , it’s designed to simply hold the water, what seemed to happen was the weight of all the snow and ice , compressed the foam enough that the nails holding the foam, were able to puncture the membrane , and with all the weight , it leaked , soaked the upstairs , got a lot of wood wet , but nothing was lost as far as we can tell , but had to shovel the roof off , and get it dry to see what was going on , its patched for now, but it will definitely need more attention , this old building is built like  Fort Knox,big steel beams, 2 x12’s on 12 in centers, and was built by craftsmen, we kept thinking we need to put some drains in the roof , problem is, there are no “Low” spots, seriously, when the roof was shoveled off the water sit evenly , so I think its going to be better to put a truss roof on and be done . It sure took a lot of time to get it cleaned off and fixed , not something you want to be doing with 2 ft of snow and ice , and temperatures in the teens .

  Sherri has finally got the Newsletter done and about ready to send out , it will go today, sorry for the delay , the corner cupboard is all finished and ready to reassemble , and put the glass in .So with everything pretty much dried out , we can get back to doing some woodwork, finally, tired of chasing drips , and moving wood and tools, ya know, sometimes there just are not enough buckets  🙂

Today we are supposed to get a lot of rain , so we will see if we have been successful in the roof repair , today I am finishing processing the mahogany for the next show build, a lowboy , as well as some cherry and curly cherry projects ( large case, highboy), so best get to the gettin, later ya’ll

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7 Responses to News Letter Day

  1. Monte West says:

    You were lucky the whole roof did not cave in. I have had to deal with flat roofs and replaced them all with “A” roofs, and got the work approved for safety.
    I am glad that is now behind you. The pictures of the snow at your home were great. Yes, we have also lived with Coleman stove and lights for a week at home. The sausage looked good.

  2. Wayne Raley says:

    Charles, glad things are getting back to normal. Since I am planning on building the lowboy, I was curious if you could give me some estimate on how many board feet it is going to require, and the rough size for the legs? Thanks.

  3. Thomas Tieffenbacher says:

    Good luck on patching. You guys own the building? My dad spent many years patching a flat roof. Water will find it’s way. I was up all night in 6 inches of water when we had a deluge in the middle of my rebuilding the house,

    Had a similar problem with wiegt on my roof of my shop as I didn’t sandwich my insulation, and the roofers put a lot of wieght on it compressing the insulation.

    Saw a lumber yards trusses break under snow load here in Southern MN. Bet they put in heavy trusses on the rebuild?

    Sounds like you have a great load bearing roof? gonna build over it?

  4. wayne we will get a cut list out in the next few days on the Lowboy to all the show subscribers , so we have that answered for everyone ,

  5. conceptcarving says:

    the idea of a truss roof over the flat is the best choice.. been a carpenter for years, once the poly starts to collapse it doesnt spring back and its just a matter of time, it will be like the woodchuck game. witch hole will he pop out next? lol well hope everything goes well. brian

  6. Ken Weinert says:

    Couldn’t you have just made a few more buckets? The wood was already wet.


  7. Now that was a good one Ken, guess I should have thought of that as well.

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