Ok , Enough Already

It’s Monday, and guess what , it’s snowing , again, expecting 2 to 4 inches , not a lot compared to what we got last week, but enough to be frustrating , Sherri is typing as hard as she can to get the newsletter out and we are trying to film the Tiger maple finishing of the corner cabinet ,for thursday night , as well as get some other projects out the door , while the snow isn’t helping anything, it wont deter us either, we will see it through

 I am also working up the mahogany to make the Low Boy for the show , the design is one of my own with alot of  influence from some period pieces I really like, it is basically the bottom to this high boy I made http://antiquesbuiltdaily.com/Website%20Photos/August25/bedroom/bed6large.jpg

I plan to also use some crotch veneer for the top and drawer fronts , and we will go detail by detail on how to do the cabriolet legs , they just look hard , they are not , once you understand them , looking forward to this build, I have made a lot of low boys and high boys through the years .. hope you join in.

well time to get the dye moving on this corner cabinet, later ya’ll

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3 Responses to Ok , Enough Already

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    lookin good… looks like you guys got all the snow this year… we’ve barely got any up here. the high boy looks nice too. I’m interested to see you do the cabriolet legs. should be a good build

  2. Thomas Tieffenbacher says:

    Should be interesting, and informative to see you building your own design. As we say in MN there are two seasons. Winter and road repair.

  3. Jeremy Wingo says:

    Glad you chose this one, how would cherry work for material on a low boy like this. I have a nice log set at 10% would probly be close to 8% by then. Could be nice. Love the show man! Finishing tiger maple Thursday, excited to say the least.

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