Back In The Game

The snow has finally stopped, and the winds have died down , lost almost a full week, we still got alot on the ground, but temperatures  are up above freezing during the day so its melting , this has been a tough set of storms for our area, but life goes on, this is our first full day back at the shop , and we have a ton to do , got to get the webisode filmed, on finishing the corner cabinet , as well get the news letter finished , with all the shoveling there just wasnt enough time , but hopefully we will begin to get back on track.

I have been working on getting things ready to start the next project for the show, which is a small mahogany lowboy, going to be doing some veneering , as well as alot more on drawers , and cabriolet legs , this piece will give us the premisis for the the 3rd piece , as well as the corner cabinet , the third piece will be a Queen Anne based , slant front secretary of my own design, it will give use the slant front , pigeon holes , and has a set of glass doors on top, so it will bring all the elements of the first two builds together , as well as expand with the desk portion , this one will also have cabriolet legs , then it would seem approporate to build a nice chair to use with the desk, but all in good time , as for now , guess its time to get some finish on the corner cabinet ..later ya’ll

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3 Responses to Back In The Game

  1. InsideBevel says:

    This sounds very good, looking forward to it.
    I’ll probably try to build my first chair 🙂

  2. Great Dane says:

    I feel for you … living in Wisconsin I’m used to snow in the winter (I have a big snowblower and a bunch of shovels), but these storms in the southeast are just unreal! I think you folks have had more this year than we have.

  3. Ken Weinert says:

    Well, now I know how Charles felt last week.

    I just spent *10 minutes* shoveling outside in my shirtsleeves! That includes cleaning off the car! We had almost an *inch* of snow last night!

    For those that are unsure – my tongue was firmly in cheek while writing this 🙂

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