Newsletter is a coming

We have been running wide open, but I finally got the newsletter written, Sherri is typing it now, and I have been working on a really nice Pembroke table , we had measured and photographed at the Wilton House Museum, back in September, its out of mahogany , and will be a feature article in Woodcraft magazine in early summer (June , July I think), it a lot to do , , they will be here Friday and Saturday to do the photo shoot, as promised we will do some photos of our own , showing them doing the photos, so you see how its done , we just got past 6 inches of snow and its calling for 2 to 4 more today, been a long time since we have had this much snow, however I do remember as a kid , having it on the ground for most of the winter , and it been unseasonably cold, or at least the duration

Some of you on the forum were debating dovetail saws , many were speaking of the Veritas ones Lee Valley has , so I uh , well  , I got one , now I love my Adria , but I will be giving this a test drive and reporting as well, I also picked up a spoke shave , for the upcoming show build of the Low boy and the cabriolet legs , I have a super nice Clifton one, but been looking at these for some time , so ” to save shipping”, ( good excuse) , well you get the drift , and we will be checking it out as well, I will get Jeff Fleisher over and get his opinion as well, so we can be sure of our assessment ,

Ok , table in process, newsletter written, shop warm, got coffee , emails answered, forums checked , guess its time to get my butt to work,  ya’ll be safe , and warm, later

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10 Responses to Newsletter is a coming

  1. Denis rezendes says:

    I have some of the lee valley stuff and I love it. Haven’t put the saw through it’s paces yet but from what I’ve used of it it cuts nice and the handle is amazingly comfortable. I’ve gotta order one of the spokeshaves soon too. Cabriolet legs in bubinga… Fun 😀

  2. Norm Reid says:

    I’m smiling because Jeff Fleisher ordered a couple of those spokeshaves from Lee Valley, one for each of us. So when you invite him over for a tryout, make sure he brings his with him. We’ll be using them in a Winchester desk class we are taking together with Jeff Headley.

  3. I know the desk, this is a great class and Jeff Headley is as good instructor as it gets when it comes to period construction, or any construction for that matter , here is link to jeffs site for those who dont know who he is,
    yea Norm, Jeff Fleisher been over scoping out some of my walnut for that desk build, I think he is going to have a winner …but like all of us , he cant resist a new tool .. he will be over …

  4. hey norm, guess who just came over , he will be on here in a little bit , he alos left with my lee valley ( Veritas low angle spoke shave, check it out with him, it is super sweet and check out using the back of the blade as a scraper , Jeff will show ya, its a must have,50230&ap=1

  5. Denis rezendes says:

    Hey how do you think it would work on the figured bubinga. The low cutting angle wouldtear it out the the high heavens as far as I can see. What I’ve done before with success is turning the blade tomake it a bevel up. Then depending on the spokeshaves you can get a 65-70 degree angle. It works but is hard on the blade and hard to push. But I’m curious to see how the low angle works

    then again you could always do a large micro bevel on the low angle one.

  6. Jeff Fleisher says:

    Just got back from Charles’s toy store…er, shop. The Lee Valley dovetail saws are very nice. I have an Adria saw and these are as good as, or better. The saw itself cuts just as good but the handle actually has a more comfortable feel. It is well balanced.

    As Norm mentioned we purchased the Lee Valley flat bottom spoke shaves and I was going to mention that to Charles as well until he opened the box and all three (round, flat and concave) spoke shaves fell out! Oh well, I can see another Lee Valley order shaping up. Just don’t tell Ellen….!

    Well, off to the shop to play with the low angle spoke shave….and to figure out how to ‘borrow’ the dovetail saw to ‘experiment’ with….!!

  7. Denis, we can sure test the low angle on the bubinga, i got some of the same waterfall you have , i will check it out , its sweet ,
    now jeff done let the cat out the bag, well i like spoke shaves and saws, what can i say , its a sickness , and no known cure .. as we all have , and Jeff you can borrow the saw .. bring bread ..( jeff is a great bread maker)… he he he

  8. Denis rezendes says:

    Hmm I will have to see. I might go ahead on the low angle one both for the price and option of the high cutting angle. Hmmm….

    I also second Jeff on the handles of the lee valley saws. Soooo comfortable!

    And just so you know I got my Oneida today 🙂 I’ll tell u guys how it goes but I am very excited to put this together and fire it up 😀

  9. Wayne Raley says:

    I just bought the Adria dovetail saw and I can speak to its craftsmanship. Very well made, and comfortable to hold. Cuts great. As Charles said, “this is a sweet saw”.

  10. Brian Sanders says:

    I just happened to order a Lee Valley dovetail saw and it showed up last night…holy cow that was a good purchase. There is nothing better than the feeling that you got more than you paid for. I can’t wait to use it.

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