well we finally got the corner cabinet built for the show , and now we are into finishing it , its been a long build, but well worth the slower pace, so many details to cover, but its done.
we got thru the Bombe class , and it will resume again 2nd week of March, today i will finish filming some things, and that will have filming done for a while , then next week we have a photo shoot with Woodcraft magazine , looking forward to that , but next week I need to get the Pembroke table made and parts for a second, I like doing it this way and plan on doing the same thing with show projects , having a completed piece to reference to as we build , so we can see the result we are looking to achieve helps a lot I think, the next show build is a Mahogany Lowboy , it’s a small , simpler one, but oh so beautiful, no carving , but planning on some veneering , it will encompass  a lot of detail instruction on cabriolet legs , Mortise and Tenon , and dovetailed drawers , and of course the finishing , the piece is a historical one from the Mesda Collection in North Carolina , hope you join us .

   I am also working on getting the news letter written , over the weekend , and by the end of next week hope we are back on schedule , I have been amazed how busy it has been, the forums have been pretty quiet , but emails tell us alot of you are in your shops working , a good thing.

The Jefferson Chest we did are now at Monticello , I think, they were recieved quite well and got a lot of attention , it will be interesting to see how quick they sell… those chest have always been a big hit since the first one we made , people love small chest , or boxes of any kind, and surprisingly enough , the blog stats show us what searches people use to find things we have addressed here , the number 1 search is “secret compartments “, and slant front desk , its there everyday and usually several, so I am thinking for the 3rd show project it should be a slant front desk, what do you guys think , let me know , thinking 4th might be a chair , its your show so tell me what ya want to see

ok , off to get another cup of coffee and then rock and roll , stay warm and safe , later ya’ll

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9 Responses to Finally

  1. Denis rezendes says:

    Sound good I’m really liking where this is going!! Sounds like you got some great projects planned. Gonna be fun

  2. Ben says:

    I’m all for both the lowboy and the slant front desk. The desk has been on my to do list for awhile, and I guess it’s time I try cabriolet legs!

  3. ben you not going to be trying , i assure you, you will be making

  4. Thomas Tieffenbacher says:

    Good to see yo’re not sitting on your laurels! Rock and Roll…ya ol hippie!

  5. John says:

    I’m in on it all . You are right you covered a lot of details . The good news is you conveyed them like a pro. You left me with very little to ask. I was able to just go to work and get it done. I am catching up quickly. Starting the doors tomorrow I hope. Very happy with the show,Don’t change anything it just works!!!!

  6. Kevin says:

    “…having a completed piece to reference to as we build , so we can see the result we are looking to achieve helps a lot I think…”

    Bravo. I know for a fact that you’re time is every bit as scarce as mine, and for you to be willing to take this extra step speaks volumes about your commitment to doing it right.

  7. Dennis says:

    Sounds like a lot of great ideas. Learning a lot. Maybe consider throwing a larger table into the mix?


  8. Tim says:

    I’m loving the next few projects that are coming up. I just did a chair (or more specifically a template for a set of chairs). Can’t wait for that one!

    Awesome stuff 🙂


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