Bombe Day 6

We are still moving along quite well, a lot due in part to having all the patterns, but as we get into the details, it will slow a little. Frank will be here until tomorrow and then return March 1st, so we’ll continue this week’s Bombe blog which will end on Monday (which will cover Friday’s progress).

Here are some things to pay attention to in the photos. Note how we rabbetted the face frames so they only have a 5/16-inch exposure at the sides, this makes for a cleaner look. We also cut the scroll board and the rear mate. The rear board is made of white pine and has no pediment, true as the original.

The orginal used white pine for all secondary wood, we have elected to use poplar for all the drawer runners and anywhere we felt more strength was needed. When I studied the orginal piece, the drawers had cut into the face frames from wear, so the poplar, being much more dense than the white pine will help here. The orginal also used 3/4″ pine for all the drawer sides which when planed to the case contour, leaves only about a 5 /16″ to 3/8″ runner on the drawer bottom. We’ve also elected to go with 5/4 pine to beef up the sides somewhat. We will run a groove and inset a 1/4 piece of maple in the drawer runner bottoms as I always do, we just want the extra strength. We will post all this when we get there, for now, we have the face frames on and drying, all the drawer structure in, (Note the screws in the front of the face frame stiles, these will be covered by the fluted column). Also note the
scroll board backs. We rabbetted them to create a shelf area, so we can nail cross pieces to create a structure for the veneered bonnet.

While it was not part of the orginal, I couldn’t help myself. I had to find somewhere to put some hidden compartments so we will show you them as well. I realize you cannot perhaps build one of these from this blog, but perhaps you can pick up some pointers, or perhaps share some. Either way, it’s all about working wood and we all can learn something from each other. Again, if you have a comment or question, please just ask, either here in the comment section or your forum, we’ll help if we can, Later yall

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