Bombe day 5

We did a lot of clean up and finalizing yesterday. the photo at thetop right is one I have here so you can see where we are headed, We planed and scraped the bottom case sides to final shape, made sure the bottom and top were perfectly square. To do this, you simply leave enough ” meat” on the top and bottom, then a little planing and it’s square.

After we were square we cut and glued the bottom moulding. Note how we made the moldings so they attach from underneath and are screwed on. This way we can finish them seperately. We also will not have external fastners to deal with. By elongating the screw holes we allow for expansion and contraction. This is NOT how the orginal was done, but it sure is a lot better than the nailed on ones the orginal had and none of the orginal design is compromised. The top case molding will be done the same way.

Next we got into the upper case sides. Using the molding we made yesterday, we insured the upper case measurement so that the molding, when installed on the upper case, overhangs correctly and will fit the lower case. The noted exception is that the front molding sits back 1/2 from the front of the case so when the pillaster is installed, the moulding is fitted around it.

Next we cut our upper case sides to length (40-inches) and width (19 3/4-inches). After that, we laid out the upper case rails and cut the through sliding dovetails. The bottom rail is 1 5/8-inch from the case bottom, then it increments in 8,7,6,5 drawer height openings with all the rails being 3/4 thick. The top is left open for fitting the larger center drawer and the peaked drawers on the left and right. We are using our sliding dovetail construction, just hard to beat it. The orginal was dovetailed into the front and back and the drawer runners were nailed in place. The upper case will also recieve a face frame and the actual visable rails will be Mahogany which we will show when we get to that point.

For now, we are dovetailing the rails and drawer runners and getting that put together. We will be using the multi-router for the dovetail pins and runners but you can certainly use the techniques we used on the bottom case, the multi-router is just faster.

Check back tomorrow to see how we are doing.. Later ya’ll.

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4 Responses to Bombe day 5

  1. teenagewoodworker says:

    hhaha…. Frank looks like a little kid who just got a nice toy firetruck except he’s holding up one the case sides… haah… thats a tough picture to beat.

  2. we are both enjoying the build, its doing quite well, of course we havent hit the goosenecks and drawers yet , here is where the brakes go on and it slows down , the face beads around all the drawers are not too easy either .. each opening was chiseled and the beads applied , on the orginal , im seriously considering something different ..

  3. Awesome build, looks like Frank is doing all the work and ummm, you are doing ????????? hehehehe


    What glue did you use on the feet?

  4. hey Ace , im the instructor so im instructing, the glue was tightbod III,

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