Jefferson Chest and more

I know I’ve been slack gettin blogs up, just been swamped, we’ve have a lot going on.

We’ve been filming more of the show, Sherri and Crystal want to finish filming the corner cabinet so we are working on that this week. I had some other pieces to get out and now I’m back to the chests made from the Jefferson Poplar. I have three Keeping Chests finished and two more in process.

We had enough small pieces that I did some of our small pipe boxes too. We don’t want to waste a bit of this material! There are some guys using some of the limb hunks and turning a few bowls and some rolling pins and things of that nature. They are bringing high dollars and have clients on a waiting list. I am anxious to see what Monticello thinks of my Keeping Chests. These chests are the only “built pieces ” I am aware of out of this historical material.

I also made a tiger maple chest so they can see it as well.

I Decided to use the same color on the TM chest that we are using on the corner cabinet in the show. All will be finished with Waterlox. love that stuff, all will have a minimum of 4 coats until they feel like warm butter…. just how I like it.

Ran into an issue on the small pipe boxes. I used a 23 gauge pin nailer and white glue (as it dries clear) to assemble them. These pipe boxes are approximately 3/16-inch thick. After assembly and some scraping and sanding some of the pin nails were showing. Bright metal is not something I wanted, so I used a little water based gun bluing (I purchased mine online from and simply wiped over the nails and let them dry. The gun bluing darkened the heads and the boxes look great.

The hardware I chose was from Horton Brasses. I like their dark antique brasses for this project. I did go with strap hinges for these chests due to the age of the tree. I had these made by Fisher Forge. Horton cannot antique the locks because the process can damage the steel lock partsso before I install them, I will wipe the brass surfaces of the lock with some of the bluing. It gives the brass a really nice antique look.

We still have the camera set up as I am filming some things for Woodcraft, couple of them are some of their turning items. These have been a lot of fun. I’m going to turn a coffee scoop handle, an ice cream scoop handle, some pepper mills and salt shakers. The ones you see in the photo Jeff Fleisher turned, when I’m done, I’ll show ya some of mine. I’ve have some Bubinga for the coffee and ice cream scoops and I have some tiger maple and some curly cherry for the pepper mills and salt shakers, the pepper mill Jeff has is from Clario Walnut, it will be interesting to see what we come up with.

Well, it’s get back to the chest and filming, I hope everyone is staying warm, it’s been a might cool here but a heat wave tomorrow, the high is suppose to be 48-degrees!

Enjoy the pictures – Later Ya’ll!

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6 Responses to Jefferson Chest and more

  1. Great looking keeping chest must of been nerve wracking working wood with all that history. The wood has some interesting natural color to it. Did you apply a lightly toned honey amber shellac? What is the finish going to be.


  2. nothing was applied for color, the finish is pure Waterlox, it has a nice amber hue to it, they have 4 coats.. the green in the poplar will turn brown in about 6 months, then they will really be sharp … lots of spalting and some crotch , because they were limbs, and we had the big knots and crotches , they were a bit of a test , alot of twist and stress , had to dry slow and natural, some of the tops twisted some as well as the chest would try to move around, one of the reasons we have gone very slow with these , good thing we left everything thick and allowed it to acclimate , after it was planed..

  3. Kevin Jaynes says:

    Man that Poplar is awesome. Love the wrought iron hinges too.

    Nearly 60F here today . . . lovin it.

  4. teenagewoodworker says:

    very nice. that is some beautiful poplar. You’ll have to save one to bring up to the home show!!!

  5. Monte West says:

    I am back on the air. The mother board died. I have a couple of comments. The Road show on Public Television had a Liquor Cabinet on it and called it a southern Virginia or Tidewater type cabinet. It was on inlayed tapered legs for the stand. There was a shelf that pulled out. The Cabinet was seperate from the base. It was solid walnut with a inlay on the front. The top was hinged about three inches from the top and had a seperate inlay on it. Price tag for this 1800 piece $400.00 to $5000.00. Thought you would like to know.
    How were you able to get this historic Wood for the cabinets you just built?

  6. Monte , a good friend and client of mine works at Monticello , and they were allowed to get the limbas and stuff, so she grabbed them, we sawed them and here we are…alot of the sale proceeds will go to Monticello…

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