So Now What ?

lets see its Monday , again, the holidays are over , and its colder than a well digger’s butt , and its 2010 , but on the positive side , I am filming more on the show today, as well as some other stuff , got numerous projects in the works , getting all the details worked out before I start cutting, and feeling pretty good, thats good enough for me , thankful to be working and healthy .

Some where around the 18th we will resume on the Bombe , and sometime the end of the month we will be doing a build for Woodcraft magazine, looking forward to both, other wise its business as usual , I always enjoy the holidays, but to be honest  I am also glad to see it calm back down , guess I am at that age , where I like it a little quieter and calmer,  well sorta, not too much, having a lot  on the plate for most folks is “Stress”, for me is “fuel”, keeps me motivated .

well speaking of motivated , someone has a camera and the foot is tapping , guess that means I need get the lead out ,

I am oiling the boxes made from the Jefferson Poplar, and got all the hinges and locks in, so as soon as they are done we will get some photos up , the finish is about 4 coats of ” Waterlox” satin, I like the brown /amber color this oil imparts, and as soon as this poplar brown out more they will be quite nice, even for poplar, they also have a lot of personality, ok  ,ok, ( foot tapping louder), got to run ..later ya’ll

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