Boxes and Happy New Year to all

Well as 2009 comes to a close it sure has been an interesting year , and 2010 looks more so , I was thinking about all that has happened , how our Video , education thing has evolved, it pretty amazing , what is the most amazing part , is we just never know what turns life has in store for us , where I am at , is not where I would have ever thought of being , but one thing that really stands out, determination and persistence can overcome most things , if we had let the negative crowd get us down , we wouldn’t be here , if you want to do something , you have to keep your focus on the goal, and know there will be many detours along the way , Woodworking is the same , patience and determination will prevail, I laugh to my self often , when I am teaching something, I will recall how ,at one time, it was pure frustration , and seemingly impossible , now I am teaching it , they key is to take your inadequacies ,and master them, it is far better to conquer than be conquered .Lets make 2010 the most creative year you have ever had!

  here are some shots of the poplar boxes, still have some work to do , get locks in and hinges , but they are coming , have had to do a lot of filming for the show , and have more to do,  but its New Years , so maybe a little break is in order, a lot of you have asked about the dovetails, on the boxes , all I can say is in the coming months , you will know exactly how they were done , but for now be sure to watch tonight’s show , you will see a fun way to “hand” cut dovetails …( he he he), but it is not how these were done, now understand , we are focusing on dovetails , and there are numerous ways to do them, and for a lot of people  its one of those elusive things , so lets conquer them , and let’s do so in several different ways , when I have to dovetail something , I have several things I can do , hand , jig , or watch tonight … I will close by saying it again ” this is NOT rocket science “, do not be intimidated , and if you don’t understand , ask until you do , we all learn from each other ..Happy New Year  from all of us

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5 Responses to Boxes and Happy New Year to all

  1. teenagewoodworker says:

    those are some cooool little feets!

  2. Monte West says:

    Happy New year back to you and the rest of the folks there.
    The little feet are neat. Did you use the dome router bit to make them?
    The pile of lumber on the floor, is that mahogany for the Bombay cabinet or for several other projects?

  3. oops Monte forgot to mention that , its some brazzilan cherry i got from a guy , havent got a clue what im going to with it , stuff is super hard and heavy , and yea man, i used the dome bit, used a smaller size,

  4. Thomas Tieffenbacher says:

    Patterns and color? Wow! Poplar? I like color and energy in the wood. I have come to think of poplar as the stable neutral background? I like the detail and character that is presented. Overall a great job.

  5. matt meuser says:

    that brazilian cherry makes impressive tables….lasts forever and takes a clear like none other…and lasts forever..and thank you for helpin a brother in need out!!

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