Snow and More Snow

Its midday Saturday , sitting here at home watching it snow, we got about 20 inches on the ground and still coming hard , other areas have 26+ , and still coming , every now and then we get one of these , but its been a while , but we are well supplied and remember well as a kid getting snows like this quite often, as i look out the window , its almost a white out , had to go shovel the dogs , a bathroom, ….they were quite grateful, they are inside watching it as well and quite restless, the yellow retriver with his thick coat, wants everyone to go play in it , he thinks its cool, the Red Bone coon Hound with his short hair and thin skin, isnt so excited, hes fine curled up on a warm bed , and watching , so for now , its just let it snow, and tomorrow we shovel and clean will require a backhoe or big plow to get the main drive …but we will manage .
In the mean time ..its just chill out, rest , and let it snow….keep the coffe pot going, and something hot on the stove …

later ya’ll

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7 Responses to Snow and More Snow

  1. Monte West says:

    It’s Saturday evening here in middle Virginia and it’ snowing again. We have about 11 inches here now. I have a shoveled path to the shop, which will be good for Monday. I am kinda like you, don’t want to be cooped up to long. By now, you may have the 26 to 30 inches of snow.
    Looked at the table top again. It looks better every time I look at it. Nice Job.
    I am still getting surprises at the show each week. I like them.
    Have a great Christmas and a Great New Year.

  2. Denis Rezendes says:

    were just in the middle of it now. 12″ so far hopefully there will be no school tomorrow so i can make some extra cash shoveling!

  3. can ya get to Va Denis , you could get wealthy , he he he…

  4. Denis Rezendes says:

    that would be nice. its funny we’ve had news of the storm for about a week and still people rush around last minute to buy stuff. at shaws i worked 8 hours on register on Saturday and it was crazy. I’ve never seen it so busy and my boss says it the busiest day we’ve had in 10 years. so today we had maybe 3 customers the whole day and just cleaned the whole store… then i went home and shoveled a bit :)…. looks like i have some extra money now whatever will i do with it 😉

  5. Kevin Jaynes says:

    No snow here. High today will be 64, low tonight 47. We had some mid and low teens last week and week before though so we needed a good thaw.

    This Texans is a cold weather wimp. Can’t stand it. I doubt we’ll ever move but if we do, it’ll be further south maybe like Costa Rica.

  6. spanish spoken with a redneck that could be a challenge for rosetta stone ,, h eh ehe

  7. Kevin Jaynes says:

    Yaeh that’s funny. Truth is stranger than fiction though, you ought to hear some of these sure enough old timers trying to pronounce Mexican words.

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