bubinga table and other stuff

It’s that time of year, slamming to get projects done and completed so we can have a little time over the holidays, been hard at it. I’ve about got the bubinga table completed as well I am working on a unique cherry table that is being made to look old, so i simply hand plane all the surfaces then a light scrape and a little hand sanding. Here are a few photos of where both projects are at at this point and the corner cabinet we are doing in the show….hope to have more up as we progress along.

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19 Responses to bubinga table and other stuff

  1. Bob Miller says:

    Wow, Nice figuring in the table Charles!!!

  2. isnt that bubinga georgeous , dont credit me,.. i just did the arranging , you got to look a whole lot higher than me to give credit for the beauty, but i personally do like the cherry , it blends well with the lighter part of the bubinga…wait until you see it all together…took alot of work , but it shows…

  3. Mike F. says:

    The BLO really brings out the rich tones. That is BLO?

  4. no no no no NO blo..i hate that stuff..its nasty…nuff said.use GF seal a cell …driers , proper resins , blo spelled by me is disaster in a can…..i use blo to show you what NOT to use… stuff has no place in our world, it has one redeeming factor..it is cheap… and deservedly so

  5. Mike F. says:

    What is the topcoat going to be.

  6. bob says:

    nice job on the top. The curly cherry was a great choice. I also like the white wood inlay around the edge. I can tell you didn’t use anything like blo because the white wood didn’t turn yellow or amber. Nice use of color and wood. bob

    • Mike F. says:

      Doesn’t the General Finishes seal-a-cell have an amber tone to it? I was thinking BLO cause the cherry end grain really went yellow or amber as you call it. Since the maple is a tight flat grain, would it really go that amber?

      • bob says:

        Hi Mike. Hope I didn’t ruffle any feathers. If I did, I am sorry. I know Charles never uses blo for anything. Just like oils that dry faster. You are right about the grain changing color on the cherry, but the seal a cell also has tung oil in it, so it does not get as dark as the other. Hope this helps. bob

  7. Rob says:

    Awsome That is one georgeous top almost to beautiful to use Could not get a better match with the different woods

  8. Denis Rezendes says:

    very very very nice. i gotta admit i was skeptical about the cherry and bubinga together but that little maple inlay really brings it together. I love it!

  9. charles neil says:

    seal a cell does have a slight amber tone to it , end grain unless sealed will always go a little darker INITALLY , this being cherry , it will darken , in 8 weeks you will not note any variation , blo is just LO these days with a slug of japan drier in it , seal a cell also contains BLO , but has other driers and resins, so it pops the grain , dries fast , and hold up…if you want a grain popper that is totally clear , use waterbased finish thinned about 10% and wiped on, blo will also add a amber tint , it depends on the reaction the mineral oil , has with the wood , solvents can have a slight chemical reaction with woods , usually its a pleasnt one , in this case the seal a cell does not have enough amber tone to change the inlay , the top coat in this case is pre cat lacquer …but a good home hand finish for this would have been either water lox or Arm r seal here is a link to Jeffs bathroom vanity he also did in bubinga and cherry , it has a little age on it now


  10. charles neil says:

    forgot to mention the vanity has Arm r seal

  11. Mike F. says:

    Thanks Charlie for clearing this up. I was under the understanding the seal-a-cell was a linseed oil product and the arm-r-seal is some other oil concoction “modified” oil.

    But could you explain the…”reaction to mineral oil” are your speaking about what is used for butcher blocks. That is a clear oil and can pop the grain and it don’t have driers and resins.

  12. Monte West says:

    Good morning:
    the table top looks great and if I came into this office for a meeting I would be lost for words. I would be scrade if I but something on the top I would damage it. I know, the finish would take it.

    You said something about Christmas. What is on your workshop Christmas Wish List?

  13. mike ment to say mineral spirits…naptha , lacquer thinner…ever notice how some woods will change color more so when wiped with a solvent , than with water , it is a reaction to the solvent ..I dis like mineral oil as well, its a laxative , all it does is wet the wood , and takes along time to dry , it offers no protection what so ever ..here agin is where seal a cell or some thinned arm r seal or waterlox, will seal and protect the wood , and when dry it is totally food safe , mineral oil is considered food safe because you can injest it , when in a liquid form , other wise its useless in wood working , again it appears to pop the grain because it has a shine and is wet , use the good drying oils and be done…and yes Arm r seal and seal a cell have linseed oil as a component , as well as tung oils and other resins, its the proper driers, and resins that make it seal and protect wood, the driers are NOT heavy meta ( lead based), again i say..every known clear wood finish , oils , lacquers so fort are all food safe , when dry, the key here is when dry, shellac is the only finish thet your body will digest , and its safe, its used for time release medicines and what do you think makes an M&M melt in your mouth and not in your hand , as well its used to gloss up fruit at the grocery store…

    • Mike F. says:

      Your right Charlie, mineral spirits does change the color of the wood, I believe that is due to the oil content in mineral spirits. Not sure about naptha but it is crude oil distillation.

  14. monte, my christmas wish list is very simple ,
    help a kid or family and give to the animal shelters

    I want for nothing , my shop is about as well outfitted and armed as it gets , and so am I…
    but my heart hurts thinking of children and animals not so blessed…
    give until it hurts…that is my want ..and my only want..

  15. davidharms says:

    The curly cherry turned out great… Good call on redoing the top

  16. davidharms says:

    I forgot to mention cases and bases arrived yesterday.. Watched disk one good so far! I see a huntboard in my future 😉

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