Bubinga Table

Wanted to share some photos from the client of the Huntboard and ClothesPress in their new home.

Time to back up and re-think, I just don’t care for the walnut and the bubinga, not enough contrast and pop. This bubinga is beautiful, the walnut by comparison is dead, soooooooooooooo, with the client’s permission I’m going to band it in some tiger maple, that will get it screaming “Charles Neil” style. Yep, means I cut all this off and start over. It isn’t the first time and doub’t it will be the last. I have never let some extra work stand in the way of delivering the best I could, so here are a few shots of a small area so you can see what i mean…and when you read this it will gone from this table and the tiger maple will be in process…later

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6 Responses to Bubinga Table

  1. Denis rezendes says:

    I agree. There wasn’t much contrast but Im interested to see how it looks with the tiger maple. I’m more of a fan of the darker wood banding the lighter wood. Are you gonna dye the tiger maple?

  2. Denis, since i wrote the blog , have switched gears again , now going with some curly cherry , he he he, want a nice blend and a more subtle contrast..this is a period table , so have to be care ful not to get contemporary with it , and felt the maple would do that, I agree i like a darker band..but this looks nice to me and the client likes it as well..thats the important part

  3. Denis Rezendes says:

    haha…. ill be interested to see how the curly cherry and the bubinga works out. i haven’t seen it but it sounds like those two would be pretty close. too close for my liking but then again ill have to see it.

  4. Mike F. says:

    What are your thoughts of contrasting the bubinga with black , perhaps wood that is ebonized?

  5. Mike F. says:

    Here is another thought, if using tiger maple for the edge. Texture the edge (using live edge technique) and with dyes could look like sapwood and bark.

  6. Skip Kise says:

    Hey Denis,
    Keep up the good work. I like Bubinga with Wenge. If you want to go black might as well stay with African woods!

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