Bubinga Table


Some of you will recall a while back we removed a bubinga counter top that had cupped and warped and replaced it with one properly made and finished…. The counter top we removed which was all cupped and twisted is being salvaged it to make the client a table for his office and that is one of the projects I’m working on this week.

Yesterday I did a lot of hand planing to get the twist out. I had stripped the top to open the wood up and allow it to equalize to the unfinished bottom (which was the issue that caused it to cup and twist in the first place) a lot of the cup came out. The slab was 1 3/8″ thick to start with. By the time I put it through the drum sander using 36 grit paper to get the twist out and bring it to a flat level plane, I ended up with approx 1″ thick material. Great thickness for a desk top.

Now, to get the width and length we want 30″ X 72″, we will need to do some “adding “. So what I am going to do is add some walnut edges and a white maple inlay, (tomorrow’s blog) … to bring the top to where we need it to be. After that it’s then on to the base.

The top you are looking at is drum sanded to 80 grit so it has a ways to go to get smooth. I will do the top and then finish it out as a whole, this is a super nice figured piece of bubinga, and I am certainly glad we will be able to save it and make it gorgeous again

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One Response to Bubinga Table

  1. Denis rezendes says:

    Very cool. That is a beautiful piece of bubinga. I can’t wait to see it with the edgings added tomorrow.

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