Monday again

It has been a snowy, cold weekend, and i didn’t do alot of anything. Had to rest up a bit, but today I’m going full tilt back to some more projects. One will be a bubinga table with a white maple and walnut border. We will have to get a little creative to do this….we cant just band it as it will not allow for expansion and contraction, so we will have to do a bread board ends…I will take you along as we do it, it’s not a difficult table, tapered legs and a couple drawers…but should be quite nice. This morning I have to process the bubinga, which is pretty heavy, but we can handle it. I just wanted to drop in and let you know we are working hard and will have some additional posts in a day or so, as well, this is newsletter week, so stay tuned

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One Response to Monday again

  1. Denis rezendes says:

    I remember you telling me about this a few months ago as I’m looking to build a table like this….. Sooner or later… Imexcited to see how it comes out

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