Clothes Press & Huntboard

Well, I must say that we accomplished a lot in only three days of building on the Bombe! Yesterday I spent the day putting together some previous pieces that we had been posting on the blog – the Huntboard and the Clothes Press. Sherri wants a Clothes Press now, she said it is the most awesome piece I’ve ever made. I don’t know about that, but it is pretty cool. The piece has concealed openings and lots of hidden compartments, turned out pretty good if I say so myself and it is a really fun piece of furniture. I had fun building it too. This was a piece made from a photograph in a book, all the little extra things like the concealed doors and hidden compartments, I added myself and it was fun.

So here they are finished and they will be spending the night in their new home!

So, it’s Friday, had a pretty hectic week and I’m ready for a little down time, think I might call it an early day today and take a breather! Need a haircut so we can film some more for the show…..having a great time doing that as well. Next week we’ll get the December Newsletter out so if you haven’t subscribed, now is the time, it’s free and you can subscribe from our web site.

Mid next week we’ll be starting some new projects – looking forward to sharing as we go along. Later!

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9 Responses to Clothes Press & Huntboard

  1. davidharms says:

    Ill say you accomplished a lot in the last 3 days for sure!! Really good progress on the bomba

    Enjoyed the show last night as well

  2. been , rockin and rollin ..thats a fact…. but again , better to wonder how we gonna get it all done , instead of what we gonna do…not complaining , very thankful

  3. bob says:

    Both pieces are beautiful, but that clothes press knocks the ball out of the park. Just a beautiful piece of workmanship. bob

  4. bob, it does, its a nice piece , i would like to do another, but i would like to Charles it up a bit, im not super crazy about the bottom case , dont care alot for the drewers not being graduated, would like to see a smaller top drawer, and perhaps two smaller drawers in the center , it sort of has a two different piece look…but its nice, and the secret compartments really add an allure to it , definately a one of a kind…i really enjoyed building it..but considering a second, perhaps cherry and curly cherry unless you can come up with some killer flame birch wouldnt that make it scream…hint hint !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. david harms says:


    when i read this post earlier it was on my phone so i didnt have a good look at the pictures, is that mahogany crotch for the panels and drawers on the huntboard ( you may have said in a previous post) , if so where do you find it solid, i can only find veneers around here…

    agree on the graduated drawers, and maybe even only 2 or 3 that go all the way across that are book matched 🙂

  6. david it is actually walnut crotch , the big doors and the small are bookmatched as well the as the drawers…i am always scrounging walnut crotch , from everywhere, ebay to willow run saw mill, Good hope, any one who finds some, i usually get it, I have a little stash ,

  7. Denis Rezendes says:

    thats beautiful. I really want to build one of those huntboards. the clothes press is nice too but you’ve been to my shop and its probably half the size of my shop… haha 🙂

  8. bob says:

    I got the flame birch and I agree about the changing of the bottom case. Might be a good bob and charles piece again.

  9. Denis Rezendes says:

    yeah… the bottom is nice but like you said that small drawer looks a little wierd and i think from the picture it looks like the top outweighs the bottom. maybe beef up the bottom a tap. unless its just the picture.

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