Time to Rock and Roll

my term for really cranking it up, the clothes press is finished, need to assemble everything, the hunt board is almost sanded and scraped , gettin ready to get its finish, so really nothing to show there , until we are done,
have a deliberation, today I start a private class on the bombe , have had a lot ask if we could film it, I could , but it just slows me down sooooooo much, and this is a time consuming piece as is, I have thought i would blog as much of it as i can here, we will be doing three days this week, doing the bottom case, you know the one with the curved sides , i got a big hunk of mahogany laid on my bench , its a strong 12/4 x 24 wide x 8 ‘ long, ready to get to the whacking , so I will post some picts , tomorrow, and then I will have Sherri send an email to see if it will warrant a DVD, if it does, i will build one and film it along with this one…if not it will just be a blog ..in case none of you are familar with the piece here is a pict of it  http://antiquesbuiltdaily.com/Website%20Photos/Bedroom%20Furniture/mahbombe1large.jpg

time for some coffee and rock and roll..later yall

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