Hunt board drawers/doors

not quite as far as i wanted, but its coming, will get the doors done today, here are some pictures of the drawers , note i did a center book match crotch on the top drawer, as a central focal point , the lt and rt small drawer is plain walnut, the hardware would just cover anything else and look strange, the two bottle drawers on the bottom, i found a piece that had a little burst on the bottom, so i used it , the top of the drawer is plain like the upper drawers, once the doors are in i think it will blend well and add alot of ” interest to the piece” all of the crotches are resawn book matches…i wiped it with a little water to show the figure…, the clothes press is about ready ( sanded and scraped), to get its dyes applied, we will show it as well as the huntboard when they are done , got to get them doors done and keep it all moving, so ill catch ya later, and if i dont get back in here , have a great Thanksgiving , and find some shop time, its therapy..later guys

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6 Responses to Hunt board drawers/doors

  1. mikega says:

    I really like the way that you study and work with the figure in the wood. Doing this makes this a piece of art not just another piece of furniture. Very nice!!

  2. bob says:

    Charles, is that white hard maple on the drawer sides? Sure doesn’t look like poplar. thanks

  3. Bob, geez…its the aspen i got from uh well …YOU
    white , stronger than pine, about like poplar, always white and clean, easy to work ..and the best part..
    cheap….people just haven’t caught on….remember there are two rules to success
    rule 1 : never tell all you know
    rule 2:

  4. car pictures says:

    I enjoyed going through the blog, you totally knocked it out of the ballpark! I have sent a link to my friends, and shall definately be returning back for update.

  5. I don’t know the way it came up but you made a very informative post. Nice job.

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