whats up

the girls are at home today, using some older computers that dont have the compatibility issues , you would think these software companies would make sure everything is compatible before putting it out there…guess not…i think they use us as the test folks…and then to build the computer in china and have it support folks in india who speak very poor english , would not be the best way to handle it, but guess they have to go with the cheapest means they can come up with…. but it sure isnt working…we didnt lose data, all was safe and backed up, the problem is the new software and new computers are not compatible ..windows 7 , 1 week old when we bought them…should have known better..they have been a nightmare … i forsee these things going back as soon as cases and bases ship , hopefully monday…time to look at something totally different and rethink all this , i dont have any DVD’s planned any time in the near future, thought about writing a book on waterbased finishes …and filming a update on the same for the finishing set…water base just keeps evolving , i am testing a waterbased oil product ..yep you heard right ..its not totally new has been in europe for some time now , thus far its pretty nice, tough as nails, quick build , and hand applied , just like a oil , i will say this again, we are very close to everything being waterbased . its coming , while they may not mandate it, they will make the voc requirements so that only water will be able to meet them , FLa and Calif are almost there now , i have done everything i can to stay right on top of the waterbased scene , and feel a good DVD or book is in order …and feel sure it will take another in a year or two , like these computers , technology is advancing rapidly ..and i will further state that once you use and get past the learning curve, you will really like it…its just a better finish, simply put ..without all the hazards ..the opinion that its a lesser quality is totally false…The book thing, i have tabled  , figure i can do what we need  right here and in the show , sort of one of those things ..take care of my own,  know what i mean..

   well im getting the finishing going on the clothes press and doors and drawers on the hunt board ..so best get them done…later ya’ll have a great week end

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2 Responses to whats up

  1. kweinert says:

    Some companies have a vested interest in planned obsolescence. They go with the latest and greatest and if you have to pay out to catch up, oh well.

    I’ll be very interested in the water/oil finish. Guess coming to it late isn’t so bad – no so much to unlearn 🙂

  2. Vince says:

    I don’t foresee water based lacquer. By definition, lacquer is a solid resin deposited as a film by solvent evaporation, as I know you know. If you had a water soluble resin, and they do exist, it would be ruined the first time any water got on it. You taught me the value of shellac and I think we’re going to be stuck with solvent as long as we want to use it. But resins that have a curing mechanism like alkyds, urethanes, acrylics, etc. will go all water in time.

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