Clothes Press construction complete

the clothes press is all built and most of the sanding is done, a little more to do, but did alot as we built it, here are some pictures of it all built, and a shot of the swing door ,corner..where we used a 45 degree glue block full length in the corner to reinforce the joint , not only does it add glue strength it helps to remove any flex in the corner , hope you enjoyed watching this piece as much as i enjoyed building it… now i need to wrap up the huntboard , and get on with other projects…i have a Bubinga table to build next, and as well will get the hunt board up , possibly tomorrow , and we will try to get photos of all the pieces when the finishing and final assembly is done…
Hope everyone will take a look at the email we sent yesterday about the show,we are trying to get folks on board, because it really is the best way to show everything, and really get into the details and procedures , its the best thing we have ever done…i personally dont know of any better way to give you the whole picture than the show, and again its a progressive thing, so future projects there will not be as much detail on things that have been previously covered…but also we want to be sure you have the techniques and understanding , before moving on….so not only doe we have the show forum, but also we can film interum videos dedicated to issues you feel need more clarification , it just works ..
Ok off to make some more drawers and doors for the huntboard…those following the show, remember , #5 starts tonight at 7pm est..later ya’ll

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1 Response to Clothes Press construction complete

  1. Jed Dyke (Kindlingmaker) says:

    Your work is outstanding as always and your passing along the knowledge of what and how you work the wood is greatly appreciated. You have brought my level of knowledge up many by leaps in a very short time where if it were not for your giveing of your knowledge I would need more than 30+ years of working the wood to learn but a part of what you show in your work.
    Thank you

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