more clothes press

Here are a few more pictures of the Clothes Press as it’s getting wrapped up. We have the opening sides as well the crown opens and will have a false floor, this is really a cool piece, and will surely be a neat conversation piece, if one elects to show all the hidden compartments…will get some more pictures as it wraps up…

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5 Responses to more clothes press

  1. Monte West says:

    Nice shots. Yes, I would like to see the hiding places. During this period these places were the hiding places for owners because there were no Banks.

    What are the basic dimensions of the Clothes Press overall?
    Thank You

  2. Monte, the case is about 83 tall and 52 1/2 wide x 21 1/2 deep

  3. bob says:

    Very nice piece. How did you join the 2 outside corners at the front frame of the piece?That must be a heavy door with both the side and front opening together. Just a beautiful piece of workmanship. bob

  4. bob, the doors are simply an edge glue , meaning they are simply glued one to another, its flat grain to flat grain, so its the same as edge gluing two boards together, secondly , while not shown here, if you enlarge the photo showing the shelves, and note the outside corner , it is cut on a 45 degree , because the inside corner of the door unit has a 45 degree piece that is glued into the corner full length , to reinforce the joint as well as help the door maintain square .., next time we take photos of this piece , i will try to remember to get some shots of it

  5. bob says:

    Thank you.

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