Wrapping up the Clothes Press

today I am finishing Up the clothes press, will take today and tomorrow, got to make the drawers and finish up some upper case details, then we can get some final photos before we start finishing it , its been alot of fun , and a head scratcher here and there , but otherwise , just a nice build, its always greatto tsee it all start to coming together, seems like it goes forever making pieces and parts, then viola , its built…gues thats one of the things that keep me doing it,

so hopefully By monday we have the press and the huntboard wrapped up and get some finish on them, want to get them finished for thanksgiving, so we are pushing the envelope , but been here done that before , i think we will be ok, but dont want to rush too much , want everything as it should be….wish i had more to show ya, but right now its sort of in sections , but we will wrap all that up , and getting the mouldings on and crown and all, it will be a VERY nice piece , so let me get tto the gettin and we will post some pictures as soon as we have them together later ya’ll

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1 Response to Wrapping up the Clothes Press

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    very cool. Im really interested to see theses pieces all done and assembled. especially the clothes press since it looks like quite a majestic piece.

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