Thinking Ahead

today i will finish up the 5 or 6 webisodes on the corner cabinet we are doing as the show, then back to the clothes press and huntboard….the girls are back processing cases and bases, the new computers are a big help , but sure was a wonderful stress filled week or so getting them all on-line and files uploaded and everything working , just my personal observation, but seems these computers and all are sure a lot harder than woodworking , but they do share one common denominator , “its all in the details”, and with out them and understanding them , it just dont work .

    Sherri is contemplating doing a  “sample” of the show , to see if it will help grow the audience some,  its doing fine as is, and picks up new members every day , but  the more we can get the more we can do, and with the interactive forum its working quite well, and we  have learned a lot about doing it, but one thing is evident ,   ( I repeat myself) it’s all in the details, the show allows us to get so in-depth into things i have never seen  addressed, but that make all the difference, guess the issue here is having folks see the value, and to understand it not about a specific project, the projects are selected for their different challenges , it’s about learning ,  far more than the project, but of course we are trying to come up with good projects that will be of interest . the other reason to grow the show ,is that its a progressive thing, meaning , each project is designed to go another level,

I have gotten a lot of response , that the show is too expensive , dont know how to get around that , it just too much time and effort to be able to do free,  so we have to do , what we have to do…wish it were different , but there are no underwriters for it , its all “us” funded…know what i mean?

oh well, we will see how it goes, but im happy with how its going, and excited about it , and plan to just keep on keeping on… 

Ok, got to be gone tomorrow, got to go pick up some material from a new mill, will take a camera and see what we find….


Later y’all


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10 Responses to Thinking Ahead

  1. Ben says:

    You get what you pay for (or in this case, a lot more). The show is a great value, and I wonder how many of the folks complaining about the price would make the investment both in equipment and time in return for the actual bottom line net profit you make from doing it? With what the average guy has invested in woodworking tools and equipment, spending $20/mo to learn some new ways to get the most out of them is a deal. I’ve found the “trial and error” method to definitely be more costly, and just check what tuition at a woodworking school or tech center is. I just think some folks figure everything on the internet should be free.

  2. Wayne Raley says:

    Charles, some folks are going to complain no matter what you do or say, it’s their nature I guess. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, that your show is well worth a measly $20 a month. Think if they would just plunk down $20 and check out your show they would be hooked.
    So, for what it is worth, from one old guy to another…..keep on keeping on.

  3. wayne i agree , and if they dont like it we will even refund their money, so its a no lose…but sometimes folks just think its all about us making money…believe me its far from that…but maybe one day, in the “mean” time, we shall keep on , keeping on…its a given

  4. Monte West says:

    I agree it may be a little high, but after looking at the content it is great money spent. That was before I saw the first show. I have learn a lot more about details with your Three shows, and I know there is a lot more to come. I wished you would show how you prepare your material for glue up. Maybe next project you can do it.

    I for one would like it know about this new source of material and the kinds.

  5. Newton Eunice,DVM says:

    Always said in military folks would complain if you hung’em with a new rope. As for the price being too high all in priorities what did you pay for a night out last time. Sounds like some folks in church budget meeting. Keep on keeping on. We’ll be right there with you. docnewt

  6. bob says:

    Boy, do I agree with the above. I do this for a living , like Charles. I have learned new things each episode. This is far and above, the best money spent to learn. I repeat, learn. Way cheaper then going to class. I know I am a kranky old bugger, but geez, if people complain about this, not sure how they want to learn anything. Best money I ever spent. bob

  7. mikega says:

    I think showing a short clip would be a good. People will then be able to see that they will be getting a lot for their money.
    Maybe just show the short 9 minute segment on the straight line jig and how to use it. I made one this weekend and it works great!!!
    I said this on the forum and I still believe that this is the best bang for the buck that you can get when it comes to woodworking.

  8. Ken Weinert says:

    I guess it depends on how long of a clip you want. I don’t know about the straight-line jig as that’s in one of the DVDs (if not on the site) already. You want to be sure that you show something (at least one thing) that shows the depth of information. i’d definitely not show something that’s already available.

    I don’t know if you’d want to extract just one thing to show, or a selection. A selection might give some people the wrong idea, unless you put some sort of “slide” between them so they’d be sure and understand that’s not how the videos themselves are done.

    Maybe at the end of a “project” show one clip from each show with a photo of the progress so far to separate the clips.

    Yes, I know – more work. There’s *always* more work. It expands to fill the time available. It’d be easier, in the future, if you decide to do this because you could choose whatever highlight you wanted at the time of producing the video and it wouldn’t be a “go back through and sort it out” type of thing.

    Having said all that technical stuff, I also have to say that even I, as a relatively new woodworker, am able to follow along and see what’s happening and learn stuff, so it’s not just to make the experts better, but there’s a lot of stuff for every level in the shows.

  9. Kevin Jaynes says:

    I ain’t believing this. i guarantee ya, the ones that are whining about 20 bucks a month, are the same ones that will give 3 grand to the Chinese importers for a table saw with every imaginable upgrade thinking it’ll suddenly make them able to start spittin out Chippendale replica’s, but they’ll turn right around and haggle with the hard working American mom and pop hardware store over a box of sandpaper.

    I say let the babies go. They ain;t worth the headache they’ll cause you over every little thing they think you ought to do different. Twenty bucks a month! Holy cow Neil, you gonna pour my coffee every morning and deliver my paper too? my God that’s highway robbery!

    Oh speaking of coffee, these whiners are almost certainly spending twice that on their latte’s on the way to work every morning. Man this just chaps my ass sorry ’bout my rant.

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