More Clothes Press Pictures

It’s been a might hectic this morning, gettin’ all the computers on line, But Sherri did it.  What a pain, anyway, I’ve been working diligently on the Clothes Press.  Thought I  would give you some pics to take a look at.   What I can’t show you in still pictures is how nice the sides open.  I used 3 heavy brass hinges from Horton Brasses, I wanted good sound hinges because this is a lot of door.   Billy was by yesterday and he asked why I didnt just make a door on the side and I explained that I could have, but I didnt want any evidence of it being there and I would have had a seam on the side and would have had to put a knob or pull or something to open the door and I didnt want that.  One would not expect the entire side and front to open, so it makes for a neat piece.  I used magnets to close and hold the side closed, when you close the side it will get with in an inch of closing and then just close its self.  I used  6 magnets per door, 1/2″ in diameter and put a magnet in the case and in the door , so its magnet to magnet, this is after all alot  of door, but it sure works nice , a light push on the side and it opens, sweet……  Okay, I got the base molding on the base and all the feet, final assembled the interior top case and hung the doors.  Fitted the door and made the column moulding to finish the front off, so now its on to the crown, then some hardware, locks and some drawers and we will have it….will do the huntboard  doors and drawers at the same time I do the press.  Both of these pieces have taken a fair amount of time because we have filmed a lot of the doings of them for cases and bases because both offer up some unique  challenges, but both are coming quite nicely, later yall…

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6 Responses to More Clothes Press Pictures

  1. Ken Weinert says:

    2 thoughts.

    Would it have been “sturdy” enough to just put a corner post in that front corner and leave 2 sides of the shelves open?

    Is the new owner going to be surprised at how much extra floor space this will take over “traditional” construction?

  2. ken, that was a thought , but decided that more accessable space would be achieved , from the side, accessin it from the front would leave a narrow deep shelving system, vs the the side opening, but it could certainly be done as you have spoken. and yes the client knows about this, what they dont know until i show everyone is where we put other secret compartments

  3. Ken Weinert says:

    Well, I wasn’t suggesting that the opening only be in the front – but instead of having the entire front be solid (in effect having two layers of wood there) that the outside front corner of the shelving be supported by a pillar and thus leaving it open to the front and the side.

    It just looks, in the pictures, like that would make good shoe shelving, but still leave a wider area open to the side.

    It’s hard to tell from just pictures, so I’m just asking the dumb questions – I think that’s my mission in life when it comes to woodworking 🙂

  4. Conrad says:

    G’day Charles.

    Question. The big side doors that open (very cool). How is the L shaped door joined? At the L I mean. Seems like a big odd shaped door, and must require a super strong joint to swing open in an L shape like that?


  5. conrad, its simply a glue joing, just like gluing two boards together, its flat grain to flat grain , and its tightbond III , i have tested many times and dowels, biscuits , none really seem to improve the basic ,simple edge to edge , besides with the raised panels the small front “door” isnt that heavy, combined yes, but its really no different than a case with the face frame glued on,

  6. Mike says:

    Any idea why it’s called a “press”? In other words, where did that name come from? I never heard of a piece of furniture called a “press” until lately.


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