Clothes Press and more pictures

The clothes press is a reproduction of a Williamsburg Piece, but we are doing it with an attitude , I like doing stuff like this, it gives me pause , to contemplate and get creative , in this case i elected to have the sides open , and create 3 spaces , instead of the one big center , where clothing would be shoved to the left and right sides and not easily accessed , so by opening the sides and putting adjustable shelving for shoes or folded garments , it makes for a neat case , and the seam in the front will be hidden behing a pilaster moulding, so it will not be evident that the sides open , should be pretty cool, we will also have some additional secret spaces in here which i will share as we move along, the front and side are made into one piece, and hinged in the back, , I have done similar before, you could have the front and side , bifold, but i dont care for the seam on the corner’s, so it will be solid, also makes for alignment and maintaining it also easier, but one thing , the cases and doors have to be perfectly square , so you have to be quite particular , which is how it should be any way , many of the features of this case will be in cases and bases DVD, this is the last case we were waiting on , and it wasnt planned to be there, but it has alot of unique things I felt it should be,

Here is a few Pictures of those “other ” shaker stands we did, these ae called sewing stands , and the tops are rectangluar , instead of round, the tiger maple is from Bob Kloes , not sure how the color will show , the lighting in the back isnt the best for taking pictures, but the figure is spectactular , and all one board, here is a case where we found the nicest widest top board and built to fit it , and the result is, well take a look,

and for those following “the show” , here is a quick preview of the case , we will have at the end of tomorrows show

well got to get to the gettin , later ya’ll


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6 Responses to Clothes Press and more pictures

  1. Ken Weinert says:

    I know you’re not worried about them coming apart, but do those dovetails go the opposite direction than they “normally” would, or is it just my inexperience showing out here in public again? 🙂

    Beautiful work, by the way, I’m just curious.

  2. Note from Crystal: Happy 56th Birthday Charles!! Sorry to log in under your ID, but trying to get the computer running so hijacking yours while you aren’t looking. 🙂

  3. if you are speaking about the Sewing stand, yes they are , but is how the orginal was….and it looked cool , love the exposed joinery , and no they are not coming apart… 🙂 i hope

  4. Ken Weinert says:

    Yes, was referring to the Sewing stand. I was just checking to see if I was seeing what I thought I was seeing.

  5. yep you are correct ken, i have no clue why the old Shaker did that , unless he just made a mistake , and didnt worry about it , because it would have been “worldly” or flashy to have exposed them for decoration , like the shaker boxes with the beautiful swallow tails , they turned them to the back , nothing fancy was allowed …

  6. Rick Erickson says:

    can you share your finishing schedule for the shaker tables? that figure is awesome

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