gettin past the crash

as some of you know ,a week or so ago we had a major computer crash, what a pain , we have been going crazy getting everything back to normal , but then you learn ” what is  normal” , the new computers, have the new Windows 7  , operating  system , which wasnt set up for wireless connections and we have to have wireless , so that has been an issue , but seems to be getting resolved, the new computers hopefully will be all back up by the weeks end i hope, we are fully functional , but just the time the girls are having to put in getting everything reconfigured and in some cases reentered, we have also added an external hard drive back up, ( should have already done that) and as well doing an off site back up , just how it has to be these days , also as many of you know last year we were broken into and our video equiptment was stolen, and we had to replace all that , well  yesterday we saw where someone had tried to pry the office door open, they didnt get in , and have found no evidence of exterior forced entry, we have steel doors and dead bolts, and are very select who has a key, so that has given us concern, so we have done steel interior doors and locks, thats  a shame , but i guess in the times we live its what you have to do , as well im going to install a security system , for me that would be a good nasty “shop dog”,  named   Chomper , who lives up to the name ,others want something electrical, I have tried to explain that if the power goes out , Ol Chomper would still be on the job, but  i didnt win, so we will have all these key pads and stuff i guess, so it goes, if it isnt one thing its 10

 so enough of all that , hopefully tomorrow we will get some good photos of the Clothes press up , i been working hard on it , it has some challenges that i am enjoying , and am able to use some creative engineering and design,its a fun build, a litte head scratching going on, but i like that , because while it will look like the orginal , it will have alot of”secrets”, i love getting creative and doing those .

so hopefully , shortly we will be quite secure , and puters all cooking , its been fun , and course cheap….who would have ever thought that a woodworking shop would have to put in security systems and have a bunch of computers….geez, times do change , its changing with them thats hard 

Later Ya’ll

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5 Responses to gettin past the crash

  1. Ken Weinert says:

    I didn’t feel old until last night – our 4 1/2 year old grandson is spending some time with us 🙂

    Congrats on surviving for another year, but age is what you make it. When I turned 50 I got asked what it felt like to be getting old.

    I told them I figured I was about 1/3 done with my life and when I felt old I’d let them know what it was like.

    Also glad to hear you’re getting past the crash issues. Let it be a lesson to all of us – backups are good things.

  2. Wayne Raley says:

    I think I would still get a “old chomper” to live in your shop! A 150 lb. Rottwieler comes to mind. Good luck on keeping the bad guys out.

  3. DavidH says:

    im with you charles, having my home broken into this year and a lot of things stolen, now i had a double key deadbolt and and alarm system, also pad locks on the gates, sure makes thing a lot less convenient .. sad that it has to be that way…

  4. Thomas J. Tieffenbacher says:

    I was in army security. We were taught the only security is human vigilence. There are locks that are most secure, and lock from both sides with a key. Secret is multiple tublers. Steel door good and the old fashion bars across the doors??? better. Remember to reinforce your deadbolts. Times are tough, values are changing. Have nots and there are many see what others have?

  5. years ago , on a beach in South Carolina , there was a guy who had a hot dog ,little store type place , right on the beach, it was pretty well worn, but he had a sign on the dorr that said ” the owner of this store, sleeps here 3 out of 7 nights , and has a 12 gauge , double barrell shot gun , aimed at the door , do you feel lucky”, long before Clint Eastwood coined the phrase , to my knowledge he was never broken into……

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