Finally got some Pictures up

Well we still have puter issues….finally just replaced the one puter , *^^^*^*(^&*(%* , that wasnt fun, geez always something , anyway all the data from one is transferring to another , so hopefully we will get the news letter our today or tomorrow, but the girls are working hard to get it done.

Here are some pictures you might like, the finished Chippendale desk , the curly cherry i got for the big case, and my bench, it had gotten ” a might scroungy”,   hey  I use it , but every now and then i scrape it down and put another coat of Waterlox on it , …did that last evening so now it looks better … ( was under orders), but i got it done…so now its off to film some more for the show , and other stuff, as well got several projects to get done and keep it all moving.

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14 Responses to Finally got some Pictures up

  1. Ken Weinert says:

    Just curious how you did the little “carvings” between the legs and the top.

    Ah, you mentioned those in an earlier blog, didn’t you. I’ll go check.

    Is raised panel bottoms a common thing?

  2. not at all ken, this was something the client wanted…for me first time under a desk or table

  3. as to the little corner blocks they as scroll sawn

  4. El says:

    Hey Charles, is that little drawer sitting on the big drawer the secret drawer?


  5. Denis rezendes says:

    Don’t they use panels like that for dustframes sometiimes…. That would usually be in casework like between the drawee or a secretary I believe… To stop dust from falling through into the drawer

  6. el..yes thats the little secret drawers , such as they are,and denis you are correct , for dust panels, but usually not raised panels….it looked great and was a nice touch …more work , but a nice touch…

  7. Denis rezendes says:

    Yeah they do add a nice touch…. I would assume they would have done raised panels for dust panels at some time…. Less material to remove like drawer bottoms

  8. Denis, some did , just like the drawers, you are correct…..

  9. El says:

    I agree the raised dust panels look awesome.

  10. Conrad Bennett says:

    Charles, just curious, what is the little square holes in the bootom of each corner of the middle drawer? Slot for the bottom? If so is it normal to have it show on the face.

  11. Ken Weinert says:


    I *think* that that is the secret drawer that goes in behind the center drawer and so it doesn’t normally show. That picture is just showing how it fits in before the center drawer is pushed in.

    I’m just guessing, though, that that’s the drawer Denis was referring to.

  12. Conrad , ken it spot on, its the slot in the bottom for the drawer bottom, and since it is hid , i didnt worry about it, guess i could have put a small plug in it or made a drawer face,

  13. Skip Kise says:

    That desk was setting in the living room at my work!

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