Newsletter day

well  we hope so anyway, seems we are having computer issues..not sure what , but the main one is “throwing a fit”,  I haven’t touched it, honest..Im on my lap top,  computers are like ” other things”, they are great when they work , but when they dont , well you understand , always something isnt it !

   I got up to Good hope hardwood and got some curly cherry for some matched raised panels for a big case im doing, I had some great stuff , but wanted to have it all match ( same log) , and it had to be at least 12″ wide …had to buy 5/4 , which i wasnt happy about , but decided i would resaw it and at least get some nice drawer front material, 5/4 will be about 1 1/4 when surfaced , ( if im lucky), so i can resaw approx 3/8 off , and hope to yield a 1/4 ” thick drawer front material, and then finish out the raised panel material at 5/8 to 3/4 , cant get pictures up because of , “something”, not sure what,  something to do with using the laptop, vs the other puters…one is pure Video, DVD stuff, but any way..

The newsletter will be a OCT/NOV issue, covering 2 months, as hard as we tried we just couldnt get bases and cases and the show and all the project work done  ,in time to get  the Newsletter done, so we just did a pretty good size one, hope you like it, and if I can i will get back on track for Dec 1 ,

those of you who have been following the show, I just unclamped my shelves and side panels , so its get the camera  ,and show you exactly how we glued them and the side panels as well, and how we will get them ready to start building and then to the case build.

well i have to get off here now, as they have to shut the internet down for a bit, later ya’ll

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2 Responses to Newsletter day

  1. gagewestern says:

    i love the news letters. things are moveing slow here lots of rain (we need it). ihave been spending to much time pushing things around in the shop to make room fo the new grizzy t.s. are their any pic. of the new wood yet brian

  2. No pictures yet Brian, perhaps tomorrow, we are trying to get the puter up so we can get the newsletter out

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