Chippendale Desk

I had mentioned I had built a Chippendale desk, here are some shots of it, not a super hard build, it’s in the finish process right now…couple unique features, the underside of the desk has a full raised panel “closure panel”, and the corner of each leg has the scroll sawn corner blocks as you see. I laminated the corner blocks using 2 horzontial grains and the center verticle …it adds a ton of strength ..the color is all but natural, it has 2 coats of waterlox , now will get 1 light coat of Sealcoat shellac, then a light scuff and waterbase topcoat ( 3 coats), with crosslinker…

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8 Responses to Chippendale Desk

  1. Ben says:

    Looks good. You reassure us a lot that things are not a “super hard build”. Not being a smart-ass here at all, what pieces do you consider to be a super hard build? The bombe’ looks that way to me, just wondering what pieces you consider to be a real challenge.

  2. i get your point Ben, but it isnt hard..unless you want it to be, break it down into one thing at a time, the bombe is challenging, wouldnt say hard…hard would be building a square house…or a straight wall…considering all ya got is crooked lumber… hard is trying to get a flat level board out of a planer…hard is trying to make anything out of pine , white or yellow, hard is getting a crooked door to hang correctly, and real hard is trying to get a twist out of anything…and total frustration is trying to work with poor wood or worse yet poor tools…and the hardest of all, it geting folks to come to understand this woodworking thing isnt hard , but it does take developing some skills, or having tools and or equiptment to help off set the lack of skill…a good example is hand cut dovetails VS dovetail jig……but the super big one is having folks understand it takes time and will get out what you put in…you cant make chicken salad with chicken manure …( shouldnt of said that) but it s true

  3. bob says:

    Patience is the biggest failure woodworkers have. You have to be willing to go and spend the time to make the project right. Most guys I have had into my shop cannot get over the time spent sanding and prepping something for the finish. You just can’t skip steps and have it turn out. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Don’t know who said that, but it is very true. Wood working is not for someone who is hyper active. I agree with Charles, it is not rocket science. Just break the project down into steps, learn the method of work by practice, and then use it. I had to learn patience. That is the hardest thing in woodworking. bob

  4. I was thinking on can be summed up in one word…the hardest thing in woodworking is “HEADS”

  5. BBrown says:

    I think that Charles’ reply contains much wisdom.
    Our culture is not exactly known for it’s attention span.
    I see the trend only getting worse with the proliferation of video games, ipods, computers in school, etc. that we are raising our kids on. In my opinion, parents have a duty to protect their kids from this soul destroying stuff (that’s a strong opinion – but I work with kids and I see how the ones that spend the most time with technology have almost no imagination and are bored by everything in life – what in real life can compare to the non-stop stimulation of a violent video game?)
    It is almost impossible to get a kid to sustain interest in the woodshop – I have tried and it is very hard.
    I am not a Luddite (opposed to all modern convenience) but I do think that we do our kids a huge disservice by not cutting out all the pop-culture modern day garbage that they are naturally going to be drawn to, and not instead spending time with them, from a young age, on hand skills,a musical instrument, anything that requires sustained concentration and hand skills.
    Obviously, just my opinion.

    Forest, VA

  6. good opinion , i wholeheartly concur

  7. John MacKenzie says:

    I love this Desk. In fact I have just purchased wood to build one similer to it. Just curious, do you have plans available for it?

    Bethany Beach, DE

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