The Show is Filmed

Alright the first show is filmed….. as I mentioned its mostly about “figuring out what we gonna do”, then getting to the doing….. we call it telling stories , after this first project , i hope you will be able to build from a “story”,   remember the forum for the show and if you have questions please ask, its what its all about…….and dont be bashful……..remember this is just me and you in the shop…….building together….ask away…, well now i get to go finish gluing all the panels up for the cupboard…later ya’ll ,……………..Oh yea, im also now working on the news letter…finally…

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4 Responses to The Show is Filmed

  1. Betsy Baten says:

    If you want lowboys, why not use the MESDA lowboy you built for me? I’ll send pics of the finished product separately. I think you kept the plans MESDA sent to me.

  2. Newton Eunice,DVM says:

    Best wishes on your show tonight. We are all waitng in anticipation for it . Just want to say how much we all appreciate all the work you all have put into this. Sherri, Ken, and Charles thank you from the heart. I know your are all having anxiety attacks but know we are all with you in this new venture. Good luck and God bless. docnewt

  3. betsy, I agree the MESDA low boy is a nice small one and would make a great project
    Doc, Im not having anxiety issues…Sherri and ken might be , all I did was show ya how to get started building a corner cupboard…. 🙂 …they got to make it all work…

  4. DavidH says:

    just wanted to stop by and publicly say the first show was great! for those who haven’t subscribed yet, your missing out!!!

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