Almost Show Time

Today im gluing up the sides and shelving material for the corner cabinet  ( dont worry we going to show how), and get it processed , ready to go , and will film the show starting this afternoon or in the morning, so Sherri has time to get it all rendered and what ever has to be done , so its ready to go on thursday…This will be fun and educational….or at least I hope so… we sure are working hard to make it so, Ken and Sherri have been slamming to get all the players and web site rocking…better them than me , all i got to do is build a corner cupboard , but im already thinking on the next project…debating on either a sofa table with cabriolet legs and drop leaves something like this

except with leaves , or a mahogany lowboy , something like the bottom portion of this high boy

cant believe i dont have any lowboy photos on the web site..have done a ton of them,

so what do you guys think, or if you have other suggestions let me know, remember the whole point of this show is to learn something new….and i will say this again, dont let any of these projects intimidate you…..its my job to show and explain it so you CAN build it…and as well to be here if you have issues….and one more time…this stuff isnt rocket science and it isnt all that hard unless you insist it be , we going to uncomplicate , what everyone has spent decades complicating….just so you know my objective

  Well , i am still slamming away, and wanting to get the news letter out, it may have to wait until the weekend, when I have a little more time …doing a thing on drum sanders,and sandpaper , and cleaning it ( a big deal if you own one),  and cutting tombstone raised panels…and got a few cool new tools to show ya… well best get to the gettin, just wanted to drop in and give you an update

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6 Responses to Almost Show Time

  1. Conrad Bennett says:

    Charles, Conrad again. You posted some chairs that you built some time ago, 8 or 10 I think for a customer, anyway I just loved them!!

    I would love to learn how to build chairs and the table, the whole dining set!! This would be very useful for me.

    What about the rest of you guys and gals would you like to learn to build a dining set?


  2. InsideBevel says:

    I’m planning to build a tool cabinet soon (to hang on the wall), so that would be my suggestion….
    With some drawers, some shelves and assorted storage options for hand tools.

  3. Newton Eunice,DVM says:

    Chairs all kinds. Especially after I sat in that rocking chair at Crystal’s. But anything will do just so we can learn new things. Isn’t that what it’t all about.

  4. alright …we will do so chairs….sniff , scruff (*&%^$$&(), chairs…. 🙂 they can be tough..but hey so can we

  5. Conrad Bennett says:

    That is great Charles!

    They may be tough, but that is what we are here for, challenge our skills, learn, and curse a little 🙂

    thanks again.

  6. Wo die Suchmaschine mich den lieben Tag hinbringt 🙂 Gute Seite, ich werde wieder kommen.

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