Bringing the Bacon home

Guys i know i been sort of quiet here on the forum and blog, but i been slamming away…I mean wide open…had to get all the additional filming done on bases and cases , which i still have to film the last of the big clothes press…but i had to get all the panels made   to film it as well as the interior components so you can see how it all goes together….as well i am finishing up a writing desk, and several other things…and We got the show….thats why i been so hard at it , i want the time to fully focus on it, here is a picture of the corner cabinet we are going to do as a first project  , this one is birdseye maple , we are going to use tiger maple,     , and still not sure if im gonna do butt hinges or rattails…and thinking i want to do a broken arch and finial top ( set on or lift off) , which will give the piece a more formal look , not as elaborate as this but similar   both of these pieces are of my own design , so we will be looking at design elements as well ….actually the first episode  we will start out going over a “story board” where we lay it all out so we know what we are doing and then on to gluing up the shelves and sides…and getting everything cut and sized and ready to build the cases…it proves to be a  really good show, the story board thing is where we explain how we use them to build from and how we lay everything out so we have a plan, its important to do this in the first show so from here on in you will bw able to follow the story and make your own as well as design your is actually quite simple and prevents alot of issues…but we not going to spend alot of time on it , want to get to the building …

  I got to get a newsletter written as well…i got so busy and focused  , I wasnt paying attention to what day it was and im late on it …so guess i best get to it , but sometime ya got to just build and build some more…to keep the bills paid and some bacon and grits on the table….I know you all know how that one goes….ok later guys  ..

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2 Responses to Bringing the Bacon home

  1. Conrad Bennett says:

    Hey Charles. Well, I am all signed up and cant wait to learn to make that corner cabinet. it looks great.

    One comment, in the above post you show two pictures, one of the less ellaborate top trim (cove, or built up) in the second you show the arch top with the finial.

    Not sure what everyone else is looking for but i wiould really like to learn the less ellaborite homemade cove moulding or built up moulding. Not that I don’t like the arch top but it is just a little to fancy for our dining room.

    Thanks, and I am looking forward to your new shows.


  2. conrad, we are doing the less formal cove and moulding ..but if time allows we will also do the broken arch , which sits on top and is an addition , you can do for a more formal look…i agree i like the simpler top, it has always been a huge seller , and the most desired

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