time for some glue

yesterday i got all my raised panels done ,sanded and trace dyed ,I will be using an amber dye as a base for this walnut case, then a light brown over the top when we get to finishing it, i want a nice amber/ honey tone to it so it has an antique patina about it, and walnut lightens as it ages …as does any wood that has the word “nut ” in it.( chestnut, butternut ,etc)  , red woods darken  ( cherry, mahogany etc), poplars brown up so do pines….

so  here are some photos of where we are at on making the clothes press we showed a couple weeks back….all made and ready to glue up and make the case …got to finish making the door , it has “tombstone panels at the top, always have to carve the arches a little in at the inside corners….so iguess i need to get to it…later ya’ll

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2 Responses to time for some glue

  1. bob says:

    Nice looking panels. Took me a minute to figure out the frame leaning against the door.. The hunt board is looking good too. bob

  2. it would be long done except i had to finish filming the DVD, the white one in the corner was one of my Kitchen , cabinet builds for the DVD, I have about 6 cases going at the moment….when all the filming was done, then i go back and finish them up

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