One More Day

thought I would be finished with filming today, but it will go one more day…added some more stuff….I always seem to do that…I sit down and start thinking, I should do this, and I should do that…and I do, but it’s always those little details ,that make all the difference….so I try to get them in there….Today I am doing the bombe side , how we shape it , and do the sliding dovetails in the side….I realize its one of those things you may never do, but if you do, you will know how, or if you encounter something similar, you will have a good idea of where to think, and a basis to start with…

  Sherri and Ken as slamming to get the show registration ready and get that completed…and then I need to write the news letter first of the week, then have to take a short trip to pick some Mahogany fo another Bombe, and some other projects…one will be the Pembroke Table for the Woodcraft magazine , and I think we will do a Mahogany Lowboy with cabriolet legs for the show, and thinking  a  chest on chest, and a blanket chest…perhaps…serious stuff…the stuff the magizines  and all dont want to tackle in a detailed form…we  are going to couple of beds, dressers, tables and all its coming , im gathering materials  as we speak…so I think it will be well recieved…hope so…..any way…its out to the shop and  make a bombe side  ( bottom case )

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