Here it comes ..Bases and Cases

as all of you know we have been working really hard on this DVD, and now have it about wrapped up, I will be finishing the filming this week , and Sherri will finishing the editing next week, I think its one of my best DVD.s, but thats just me, The single biggest thing i want you to get is how we deal with expansion and contraction,as well as installing crowns and mouldings with no visable means of attachment, ( no filling required), I dont want anyone to be of the assumption this is about any specific pieces, its not, what we did was to use various pieces that present different challenges , and construction techniques…fo example the hunt board, construction looks quite simple, but in reality it presents alot of expansion and contraction issues, the stepback on the other hand looks difficult, but is actually a very simple build, and doesnt have near the movement issues , then we did the lower case of the Bombe, showing you how we shaped it , and how we made it handle the expansion and contraction of 23″ wide , one board sides, that were shaped out of a solid chunk of 12/4 material,
I could go on and on, you will get my simple way of making internal construction much easier, ( drawer runners and guides), how i make the crowns and deal with all that stuff….this is a big DVD, it will wind up 6 to 8 disc., and is pure case work and bases, mostly cases, so today ( i think) Sherri will release it, we are doing ( as always) a pre release with a discount, for a couple of weeks, this allows us to know how many we need to make, and helps us not under or over do it , after i finish filming the last of cases and bases , we do the first show piece, i really wanted to get the cases and bases done before starting on the corner cupboard, dont want all that on my plate, want to stay totally focused on each project….and as always , if you are not happy with anything you get from me ,return it for a full refund including you return shipping…just how we do it…thanks in advance for all your support and i hope my DVD’s help you in your woodworking , and take some of the intimidation out of it.., again i say…”its not rocket science”, if it was i wouldnt be doing it.. catch ya later

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3 Responses to Here it comes ..Bases and Cases

  1. Newton Eunice,DVM says:

    Waiting on the DVD is worst than waiting for Christmas as a child. I know I will get what I want and then I didn’t dad didn’t believe in toys. This will be a great toy and functional. docnewt

  2. yea i know Doc, i been working hard…it always amazes me how long it takes to get something filmed, doing all the steps and ,moving cameras, and resetting to get a better shot, and then just when ya done, you forgot to turn off the cell phone and it rings….or after a long segment , of got to get it in one shot ,or else have to make up more materials and all, you all done and discover the mic was off….fixed that, got ones with green or red lights…, then the camera, green means off, red means on, had an issue one time, filmed for an entire day , and got nothing…but we have learned…i hope

  3. Ken Weinert says:

    RE: green/red lights.

    Don’t you just love standards?

    There are so many to choose from!

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