Shop Tour

Over the weekend we tore the shop up, painted, re-arranged and found most everything! What a job. I’ve got to tell ya, it was worth the effort. Now it’s clean and almost neat, back to work!

Our old camera the gray walls did better for filming but the new one, everything looks drab and gave a subdued look so we decided to paint everything an antique white. Sure is brighter and cleaner looking, I like it a lot.

Painted the finish area a bright white, want the reflection, want to be able to see the gloss behind the spray gun. When you are spraying, it is very important to see how wet you are applying the finish, bright lights and walls really help.

We got some more to do but here is a look, no matter how big your shop is, it’s never big enough.

Okay, we got a clean (well almost) shop, good lighting, looks like it’s almost “Show Time!”

Later ya’ll.

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11 Responses to Shop Tour

  1. bob says:

    Looking good buddy. Paint did well to lighten things up. We will see how it shows up on camera. bob

  2. I can tell just from these stills it will be much better….i am amazed how it helped all the lighting…..we have all those photographic, and daylight bulbs, and it really does help, not only in the photo, film thing but in seeing in general…really liking it…now i get to mess it up…

  3. Clean and bright looking good . Look out New Yankee Work shop. Looking forward to the show.


  4. Denis Rezendes says:

    very nice. the coolest part is that from all the dvds i recognize pretty much the whole shop… feels like ive been there before.. someday… someday

    • DavidH says:

      looks good charles, thanks for the tour! is this building on the same land as your home and farm, or do you own a building off site somewhere?

      i’ve been meaning to pull everything out of my shop (garage) and prime and paint the walls and ceiling white for increased light, i think ill do just that now!!

  5. Vince says:

    Nice shop!! I wish I had the space you have. But, holy smokes, you’ve got some router collection! My wife thinks my 4 are too many.

  6. my shop is by itself, not at home, it used to be an old body shop, so it had the zoning required to allow us to have finishing here , in the professional world it get alot more complicated , and expensive, thats why we are also in The town, they dont have as strick of regulations as far as zoning goes or business liscense , the county for example classes us as a manufacture , and doesnt distinguish any difference from me and a huge business fees are out the moon….. so we stay here….as to the routers…yea i got a few…but i use them constantly , there are about 4 under tables…..but again its how we make a living…

  7. Newton Eunice,DVM says:

    It all looks god but I can’t imagine how much work was done in such a short time. Gracious how did you do it? Did you throw covers over all the equipment? Who helped? Did I see that you still have that Jet drum sander? Very good job to all concerned. Love it. docnewt

  8. Thomas J. Tieffenbacher says:


    Big shop. big accomplishment. Don’t really see how you could downsize this and do what you are doing. Sent a friend to the u-tube videos. She said it looks like a body shop. Saw your reply…it is a body shop! LOL. How big is Bob’s shop?

    • bob says:

      Mine is behind our home. Not as big as Charles shop, but newer. Mine is 32×96. It is a pole building with space for my wife’s horse in the back. We live out on 5 acres and enjoy it. Again what Charles said about having a pro shop is so true. I had to jump through all kinds of hoops to do what I do out here. State makes it hard just like he says. Never see any “stimulus” for small business like us.

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