Up For a Challenge?

Here are just a few of the pictures we took at Wilton House Museum. Check out the secretary – I like that a lot…..I really think that we can do it in the show. I know a lot may think “No Way!” I disagree, sure you can, one piece, one step at a time.

My whole reason for doing the show is to get you to “higher levels” by developing skills, keep it simple and do what you think you can’t do and it is pretty economical. I’m thinking maybe do one out of mahogany like the original and one out of poplar, yep, poplar and do a little dye stain magic and yea baby!

I’m excited about the Show (Class) and where we are going to go. Clean up the shop and get everything sharp, ya gonna need it!

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3 Responses to Up For a Challenge?

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    very cool. i like the secretary too. its beautiful but not too over the top. no serpentine pidgeon hole but the mullons (not sure if thats what they are called) look like quite a challlenge. not so much a fan of the green though. not my style… haha

  2. Big d, the green is a curtin it was used to block light which was hard on books..and books were considered very valuable…remember no puters ot radio or television….not even an I pod…we can spice up the pigeon holes..and you hit it..those mullions are very reason for doing it..you know they gonna be tough..but hey thats what its all about…you up to the ball and claw feet…oh yea the center finial has been missing .and they dont know what was there..so we get to do our own thing….but its got a lot of ” learning curve to it” you can put what ever color curtins you want or none….but its got alot of possibilities…George Washington had one built almost identical……

  3. Denis Rezendes says:

    yep. back in the day when books werent printed as we see them now. i remember hearing somewhere that any books printed on a press were printed on one large sheet of paper that was then folded and either cut or you had to cut the seams to read it. very interesting stuff. the hand written ones were the ones with pages as we know them. also the mullions do look really interesting. I want to so something like that on a cherry curio cabinet with cabriole legs and a gooseneck. with some interesting mullions.

    but im up for the ball and claw too. just need to get some carving chisels. looking into the flexcuts

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