The Show is a GO

we came in about 93% of our goal….but thats close enough , not going to quibble , and we can make it work, so going to do it, We will be sending and email this morning explaining a little more , thanks to all of you we will be able to teach woodworking the way i feel it should be… as soon as we get the email done will be headed to Richmond VA , to measure and photograph the Pembroke table we will be building for Woodcraft Magizine later in the year……as well will be scoping out to see if there are any other pieces that strike a fancy and you might enjoy…later ya’ll

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2 Responses to The Show is a GO

  1. DavidH says:

    im excited and now have something to look forward to on thursday nights 🙂

    i feel certain that just like your newsletter when word gets out your numbers will grow to 200 %, 300% or maybe even more , and i hope they do!!

  2. they already are david, this is exciting , just returned from a museum…and wow we gonna do some nice stuff….cant wait to get building

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