10, 9 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 and counting

Well we are at 89% of our goal…and this is the final day so tomorrow we will know if we can do our Show, hope so , personally I am really looking forward to it because I think that in the internet world it will be the best way to bring the education to the woodworkers!

Each and every piece is selected for its instructional value…the corner cupboard we are starting with has not only the unique case to deal with, but we are also doing it out of tiger maple. The reason is tiger maple has some really unique quirks, especially in matching the grain and dealing with the holographic effect the grain produces. You can’t work it like other woods, if you put the wrong face showing the figure will disappear from one angle and the one beside it will be prominent, not a good thing…then we get to pop the grain. We will be doing a flat crown, as well as a broken arch and finial…glass doors on the top..butterfly shelves…it will be great.

I will also tell you this, I have set the bar high for this show..not the number of subscribers but for the projects we are going to be doing…some  the subscribers will vote on or be by suggestion…but we are not holding anything back…this is quite innovative I think…never been done this way I’m aware of.

Something that hadn’t occurred to us is what it is going to make available to the overseas folks.  Already they are signing up,  big supporters of our DVD Library but get this, they pay $25 to get one shipped, opening up a whole new world.  I also think the Forum on the subscriber site will be so valuable, discussions amongst the entire group about the techniques and projects currently on air, questions answered by me and so forth.  We even have one subscriber who is quite good with Sketch Up and he has asked if he can do plans at the end and share it, what a fantastic idea because we just don’t have the capability to get that done as well, but already, this group wants to share…..this is going to re-set the way woodworking is presented via the internet – worldwide.  This is going to bring woodworkers from all over the world together with a common focus and a common goal.

Well normally I’m not here on a Sunday….but we are trying to get caught up on the bases and cases filming we had started before the classes, and I had Ed able to help me over the weekend , moving stuff around..we are wrapping up our kitchen cabinet stuff today…and tomorrow we leave for the museum thing for the Woodcraft Mag articles…so will get that all squared away and Wed back , to the getting stuff done…we will get some photos for ya then…if you havent subscribed to the show and wish to here is the link to allow you to do so. CLICK HERE.

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