Geez Be Geez

2 more days of class…then its back to normal..maybe then get time to get something up here , and back to my furniture and finish up bases and cases…then maybe a little break..
class has been interesting…focusing mainly on kitchen cabinets…and painting them and finishing them.. so today we paint some plywood ,and dye /stain and topcoats…create some antique looks….with glaze and such
Got the newsletter out have had good comments thus far on the new format and its content…if you were an early reader Ken did put a print button on each article ,that allows you to print the acticle without the sponser stuff…just the article itself if you wish…so those of you who like it in print version can get it…….
well off to get some coffee and get the energy going….any body got some starter spittin and sputtering alot but not getting running yet…later ya’ll

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